French artist Benedetto Bufalino is finding new and unique ways to be sustainable by reusing objects in unconventional ways. He has built tennis courts on top of semi trucks, turned phone booths into fish tanks and now, in his latest conversion, transformed an old camper into a mobile swimming pool.

The project was produced as part of an annual series at Le Confort Moderne in Poitiers, France. As always, Bufalino wanted his audience to re-examine things they might take for granted and, instead of discarding old objects, dream up ways they can be creatively upcycled.

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From the ground, the swimming pool looks like any other RV — but climb the ladder (affixed on the back of the trailer) and a comfortably sized wading pool is revealed.

After ripping off the trailer’s roof and stripping its interior, Bufalino constructed the pool shell out of resin. He had to retrofit the body of the caravan to support the extra water weight (and also add a ladder for easy entry). The result? A functional, towable swimming pool that can follow you on the hottest of days. And if nothing else, it’s certainly a clever way to sneak into the carpool lane.

Abigail Carpenter is Editorial Assistant of AQUA Magazine.