Pool service can be demanding, particularly on the knees. Is there a way to get the job done while also being kind to your body? Industry pros share their insights:

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Victor Gonzalez
Swamp Thing Pool Service | South Pasadena, Fla.

"What tips would you give to save your knees?"




Wesley Lance
A & L Pool Service | High Bridge, N.J.

"I've worn gel knee pads for years now. Lowe's has the good ones that don't pinch your skin. They last about three months, and I buy another pair."



Mike Mazzeo
Solar Living | Fair Lawn, N.J.

"Keep moving. Chondroitin and glucosamine supposedly help lubricate joints."



Dennis Donnelly
Newport Pool Company | Newport, R.I.

"My employee recommended turmeric. Started taking it during spring openings and within a week, all swelling and pain was GONE and hasn't returned. All natural, no side effects."



John Poma
A+ Pool Service, LLC | Lakeland, Fla.

"I use a boat cushion after having an emergency knee surgery due to an infection that was life threatening almost two years ago."



Ryan Johnson
Suburban Pool Service | Folsom, Calif.

"I actually carry one of these with me, which I use to kneel on."