If you have a pick-up truck and a love for swimming, there’s a new product just for you: The Pick-up Pool.

Unlike the classic “redneck pool” — which is usually a MacGyver-ed monstrosity of tarp, bungee cords and duct tape — the Pick-Up Pool is a vinyl liner specifically designed to fit into the bed of a pickup truck. It’s easy enough to use: Just stretch the vinyl over the edges of the truck, where it snugly snaps into place. (Think of it like putting a fitted sheet on a bed, but inverted.)

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At 30-mil, the vinyl promises to be durable enough for backyard parties, camping trips and the demands of little kids. To drain, the user simply opens the drain valve located on the tailgate side of the pool.

The Pick-Up pool is available in two sizes to accommodate short and standard box lengths, and costs $279.00 and $299.00, respectively.