• Master Spas Makes Marketing Magic

    by Barrett Kilmer February 2019

    Master Spas Hit the marketing goldmine in early December when television star Steve Harvey gave away five of the company's Michael Phelps Legend Series hot tubs on his syndicated daytime talk show.

    Each day during the giveaway, Harvey gave one audience member a chance to play a game called Harvey's Hundreds, a...

  • The Secret Life of Biofilm

    by Eric Herman January 2019

    Although most people in the industry have heard of it, few know the risks and mysteries of biofilm.

    Biofilm is almost everywhere. According to scientists who study it, wherever there's water, nutrients and a surface, biofilm is likely to form.

    It exists in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and oceans. It forms in all types of manmade water systems, from public utilities to factories, hospitals, dentist offices, dishwashers, cooling towers, washing machines, air conditioners and...

  • Amazon Launches Interactive Showroom Experience

    by Cailley Hammel January 2019

    Amazon is further investing in experiential retail, this time by rolling out a show digital showroom feature called Amazon Showroom.

    The interactive program allows customers to create their own virtual living rooms. Customers can select wall and floor color and fill the space with selections from a vast online inventory of sofas, lamps, rugs, coffee tables, art and more — all of which are part of Amazon’s private-label...

  • New Drone Art Series Captures Unique Backyard Spaces

    by Abigail Carpenter January 2019


  • Lower the Risk of Legionellosis

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018

    2017 saw a rash of Legionella outbreaks at public swimming pools and spas. In July, three members of a Gold's Gym in Kennewick, Wash., fell ill with Legionnaire's disease, a type of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. In May, the community pool and spa at Foothill Ranch in Lake Forest, Calif., closed...

  • Pool Care and Repair After Wildfires

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018

    Last year was one of California's most devastating wildfire seasons in recorded history. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the Golden State saw more than 7,500 fires consume 1.6 million acres of land. And in November, the Woolsey Fire and Camp Fires caused unprecedented damage, becoming California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record

    With a new year before us and wildfire season just around the corner, here are some tips for...

  • The Basics: Boric Acid and Sodium Borates

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) December 2018


    A few quick facts about boric acid and sodium borates:

    • Used as a pH buffer in swimming pools (against increases in pH)

    • Helps to limit algae growth (acts as an algaestat)

    • Lowers chlorine demand

    • Additional benefits may include reduced corrosion

    • Recommended dose

  • Lost Hot Tub Found 20 Miles Away

    by AQUA Editors November 2018

    After Hurricane Michael slammed Florida’s St. George Island in October, many residents returned from the evacuation to learn they had little left to return to.

    David Coston, who owns a vacation home on the island, was one of the lucky ones whose property survived the Michael’s sustained winds and storm surge.

    The day he returned, Coston was certainly relieved to see the house standing, but he did notice something was missing. “Wait a minute, our hot tub’s not here,” he...

  • Understanding Ammonia and Nitrates

    by Terry Arko November 2018

    Treating pool and spa water can be a surprisingly multi-faceted proposition. While most people in our industry understand the basics of oxidation, sanitizing and water balance, there are aspects of water chemistry that confound even the most experienced practitioners.

    In particular, the way that ammonia works in pools and spas, from its positive applications to how it results in disinfection byproducts and the formation of nitrates — one of the most problematic common compounds in...

  • LEDs: The New Direction of Pool Lighting

    by Eric Herman November 2018

    LED lights have taken the pool industry in bold new directions — and have done so in increasingly rapid fashion in only the past few years. In terms of sales, the new compact-LED fixtures have reportedly overtaken traditional incandescent lights, which are increasingly relegated to replacement sales.

    According to James Carter, lighting product manager for Hayward Industries, "From an LED perspective, the rate of adoption is extremely high because the entire lighting industry has...