• Unique Aspects of Hot Water Chemistry and Testing

    by Wayne Ivusich July 2019

    Despite some long-held beliefs, a spa is simply not a small pool. There are major differences between the chemistry of hot water environments and pool water environments – differences unique enough to warrant a separate discussion. For service technicians, understanding these differences and knowing how to alter your pool testing and treatment regimen to one suited for spas is critical for maintaining healthy water for their customers.

    So, how does spa water differ from pool...

  • Ontario’s Provincial Logo Raises Questions

    by Scott Webb June 2019

    Sometime back in 2006, a small gathering of bureaucrats sat in a conference room in Ontario and gazed at a design proposal for the new provincial logo. It was a semi-abstract image, the artist said, of a trillium (flower) bloom.

    It was a busy day, the logo looked like a flower — and Canadians especially...

  • 2 Approaches to Swim Spa Water Care

    by Eric Herman June 2019

    The popular emergence  of the swim spa as a ‘tweener — a vessel between a pool and a spa in both size and temperature — has evoked a question. How do you sanitize it? Do you use pool chemicals on a smaller scale, or spa chemicals on a larger scale?

    That depends on who you talk to; there are two completely different schools of thought. According to Jennifer Gannon, proprietor of BonaVista Pools, Spas and Outdoor Living’s retail store in Toronto, the swim spa is a small pool. “The...

  • Jacuzzi Partners with USA Surfing

    by Cailley Hammel June 2019

    After years of campaigning, surfing is expected to make its long-awaited Olympic debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. To help athletes prepare to hang ten and stay in peak physical condition, USA Surfing has announced a partnership with hot tub giant Jacuzzi. Per the three-year agreement, Jacuzzi will provide portable spas at USA Surfing training facilities and competition sites.

    Hot tubs and sports go hand-in-hand: football teams use them in recovery regimens and divers use...

  • Lessons in Light

    by Kirk Bianchi May 2019

    Lighting a landscape, especially alongside a pool and spa, can create both visual nuance and drama not possible during daylight hours. The project featured here was one where several breakthroughs occurred in my own understanding of how to apply lighting. The landscape and pool design transformed an attractive but unassuming home into a unique expression of the clients' tastes and ideals, but the lighting was the finishing touch that elevated it to an entirely new level.

    I am...

  • Upselling Spas in the Internet Age

    by Scott Webb May 2019

    There was a time when someone contemplating a hot tub purchase had little more than personal experience to draw on. The prime source of hard information was the salesperson at the local retail store and the brochures that might be found there. Those days are long gone, of course. Now when a customer walks through the door, a salesperson regards a prospect armed with hours of website study.

    Amazingly enough, one of the principal drivers of this change (along with convenience) has...

  • This KFC Bucket-Shaped Hot Tub is Not a Joke

    by Abigail Carpenter May 2019

    Editor's Note: As of this article's online publication, the KFC Hot Tub campaign has closed. It surpassed its campaign goal of $46,683 to raise a total of $53,909. The hot tub is available to purchase (so far, only three are available) at $13,311 and is expected to ship in August 2019.

    Like a...

  • SOI Hot Tub Report 2019: Full Steam Ahead

    by Abigail Carpenter May 2019

    Steam is rising from the portable hot tub industry. It was another generous year in spa sales: 88 percent of survey takers reported sales either increased or stayed the same last year. Dealers remain optimistic about the growth of the industry and credit strong sales to a growing economy, investment in social media marketing strategies, lead generation campaigns and more.

    Dealers are clearly working hard to establish the health and wellness benefits of hot tubs, but is the Hot Tub...

  • Trichlor: The Dependable Pool Performer

    by PHTA Recreational Water Quality Committee May 2019

    A true staple of residential pool care, trichlor has gained prominence due to its straightforward application of the pool industry’s ubiquitous sanitizer, chlorine. Trichlor contains the highest available chlorine content (90 percent) of any chlorine sanitizing pool treatment chemical except gaseous chlorine (100 percent).

    Trichlor, or more specifically trichloro-s-triazinetrione, is an EPA-registered pesticide sold for use as a sanitizer for pools and spas. It is soluble in water,...

  • Back In Hot Water

    by Scott Webb May 2019

    When you're in the joint, you talk about all the things you'll do when you get out. Big, thick Porterhouse steaks float before your eyes, or perhaps rows of beer glasses filled to overflowing. Maybe you imagine riding your Harley again.

    Apparently, for one lady, a relaxing soak in a hot tub was high on the...