Hayward Industries has announced that effective December 20, 2013, they acquired Poolvergnuegen, a leading manufacturer and marketer of pool cleaners.

“We are delighted about acquiring Poolvergnuegen. The company has developed a wonderful business with a strong presence in the Western U.S. and certain international markets," says Hayward Industries CEO Robert Davis. "Outstanding technology, robust and reliable products, together with a clear customer focus has enabled Poolvergnuegen to grow into a leading company in the pool cleaner category. The addition of Poolvergnuegen products is highly complementary and synergistic to Hayward’s product portfolio and global footprint, offering our customers greater choice and value.”

This transaction supports Hayward’s long term strategic development plan for expanding globally and strengthening of its product line, especially in its core space of automatic pool cleaners.

Davis adds: “Poolvergnuegen and its brand ‘The PoolCleaner’ are recognized for their technology, quality and innovation. We believe that by combining resources, expertise and technology, we will see further strengthening of the brand and accelerated growth with our joint customer base.”

“We are excited to see Poolvergnuegen enter its next phase of growth within the Hayward family. We have respected Hayward for many years and expect that our products will grow even faster as part of this global business," says Poolvergnuegen President and CEO Dieter Rief.