What’s new this month? A quiet pump, a wrench for pool lids, an American flag skimmer cover and more.

The next generation of S.R.Smith's popular heliX pool slide, the heliX2, is new and ready for order. The helix2 features a patented water feature at the top of the slide powered by an improved water delivery system for an even more dramatic fountain effect. The deeper 360-degree flume, incorporated into the heliX design in March 2015, gives sliders a fast and safe ride all the way around. Available in sandstone, gray granite, solid gray and taupe colors.
srsmith.com | (800) 824-4387



Magic Plastics
The new Magic Wrench removes nine different pump lids and numerous equipment lids. Don't risk damaging your pump lid by using hammers and 2-by-4s — instead, safely remove your pump lids with the Magic Wrench. Each unit is made with super-tough glass filled nylon.
magicplastics.com | (800) 369-0303



ProTeam High-Tech Tabs use advanced borate technology to produce the ultimate stabilized chlorine in a handy 3-inch tablet. ProTeam High Tech tabs provide higher chlorine efficiency and keep feeders from clogging by utilizing a unique manufacturing process that eliminates the need for binders. In addition, the tabs cause less pH and alkalinity drift compared to standard tabs to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain balanced water. Makes water gentler on swimmers eyes and skin.
proteampoolcare.com | (800) 333-0400



Syllent Pumps
Syllent Pumps introduces the Gen II Circulation Pump for spas, baths, water features and small hydrotherapy systems. The Gen II features Syllent's water-cooled induction wet-rotor design with heat exchange, sealed construction to protect against moisture and dust intrusion and, as its name implies, "silent" operation. Pumps are available in 1/3 and ½ hp in all world voltages for all world markets.
syllent.com | (877) 924-7867



Coast Spas
New from Coast Spas is the Infinity Edge Ultra, a 17-foot long swim spa that boasts a ton of features. "Levator jets" help keep the lower body buoyant during workouts, while swimline guide lighting from the river helps the user stay oriented during the workout. It also introduces fully variable swim jets that can be toggled from 0 to 100 percent, allowing each swimmer to customize his or her swim experience. Finally, the Infinity Edge Ultra includes a lounger and cool down seat, so swimmers can enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits hot tubs offer.
coastspas.com | (604) 514-8111



Leisure Concepts
Leisure Concepts is pleased to offer its popular SMARTOP cover with the option to upgrade with an elegant, high-performance decorative overlay that gives the cover a unique, chic flair. Designed to match the latest in backyard patio décor, the Deco Series mesh-vinyl fabrics are durable, UV resistant and available in six different color options. Made in the U.S.
leisureconcepts.com/products/smartop | (888) 965-6694



The all new Skimmer Grille Cover UP makes skimmers look great again by providing a quick and easy way to change the look of a skimmer or simply make it disappear. While concealing discolored faceplates and rusted hardware, the Skimmer Grille also prevents baskets from becoming blocked by toys, floats, etc. The Skimmer Grille Cover UP takes the Grille a step further with a decorative UV- and chemical-resistant vinyl peel and stick available in various patterns, including the grand old U.S. flag!
simpooltec.com | (800) 630-2456



New IntelliChem commercial chemistry controller continuously monitors pH and chemical levels and automatically delivers just the required amount of chemicals to keep pools clearer, safer and always ready to enjoy. Includes ScreenLogic2 PC interface to keep track of pH and ORP levels and make adjustments without having to be combined with an automation system. The IntelliChem is also compatible with Commercial IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generators, liquid feed pumps and CO2 systems.
pentaircommercial.com | (800) 831-7133



Evosus Software
Evosus Software now provides its customers with the ability to manage their business anytime or anywhere with Evosus Analytics. The new feature gives Evosus Software customers the ability to view real-time data on any tablet or smartphone device. Based on Evosus' popular "Money Tree" report, users can view year-over year sales data by product line, sub department, store or employee then break down data by percentage, quantity or dollar amount.
evosus.com | (866) 235-5103



As more pools include multi-speed pumps, conventional skimmers no longer remove debris effectively because of reduced flow at lower speeds. Paramount's ParaskimV Venturi Skimmer works brilliantly with multi-speed pumps, generating effective skimming at a pump's variable speeds so customers take full advantage of energy savings without sacrificing a clean pool. And since ParaskimV removes surface debris at lower pump speeds, you can direct 100 percent of suction to the main drain, maximizing removal of heavier settled debris.
1paramount.com | (800) 621-5886