The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals is launching a new certification, the Professional Pool & Spa Operator Course (PPSO for short), based on extensive feedback from state and local health departments and industry participants.

The new certification course zeroes in on the core skills needed for safe and efficient pool and spa operations, and is designed to meet the learning styles of non-technical as well as technical students so they have the solid foundation needed to be successful pool operators and meet health and safety standards at facilities nationwide.

“APSP experts devoted countless hours to ensuring that this new certification course is designed for the industry, by the industry, based on what our members, industry leaders, and health officials were telling us they needed,” says Rich Gottwald, APSP president and CEO. “Proceeds from the new PPSO will be reinvested in the industry and complement APSP University’s other course offerings.”

The PPSO is available in both a print and e-book format, and features numerous graphics, videos and hands-on activities to reinforce key lessons and meet the two-day course requirements set by health departments. Lesson plans in the instructors’ guide concentrate on the fundamentals, with ample demonstrations for safe and proper techniques.

”PPSO certification marks a new era for APSP University — one in which we offer programs created with your input by your association for your professional advancement,” Gottwald says.

APSP is currently encouraging seasoned industry pros to become PPSO instructors.

“Becoming part of the elite group of PPSO instructors is a great way to share your passion and expertise with the next generation,” Gottwald says. Based on industry feedback, PPSO instructors also will be provided copies of the ANSI/APSP industry standards at no charge, along with other PPSO incentives as part of APSP’s commitment to expand industry professionalism.

The industry’s new premier program for commercial swimming pool operators, managers, engineers, service company professionals, health officials and facility owners will debut at the 2017 International Pool | Spa| Patio Expo in a free information session on Thursday, November 2 from 9:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. in Room N210A.  Advance registration is required. PPSO courses will be taught nationwide starting in January 2018.

Students will be able to take the new PPSO course at the following 2018 Industry Shows: Southwest Pool & Spa Show, Mid-America Pool, Spa & Outdoor Living Show and the Western Pool & Spa Show.

For more information, or to register for the Expo session, email Silvia Uribe at or call 703.838.0083, ext. 212.