The California Pool and Spa Association has announced it is terminating its affiliation agreement with the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. The two organizations began their affiliation in the drought and subsequent water crisis of 2016 in California.
“When California faced a historic, five-year drought, CPSA led the effort to defend our industry and members against unwarranted regulations proposed in cities and districts throughout California that would have destroyed our industry,” says Jerry Wallace, chairman of CPSA. “CPSA was able to track the many proposals and explain how water-wise pools and spas actually are, and help policy makers understand the economic benefits our $5 billion industry provides to the state.”
As part of the affiliation agreement APSP committed to provide funding to support the ongoing regulatory response to state and local agencies as well as the ongoing public education campaign promoting water conservation and facts about water use in pools and spas through CPSA’s Let’s Pool Together campaign.
“Recently, APSP made a unilateral decision to commit half of these resources beyond just California and out of the control of the CPSA. While we might understand their decision, the manner in which it was done and communicated is not conducive to an ongoing partnership. CPSA members know the fight here is not over. Despite a very wet year, cities, counties and the state are still looking to pass restrictions that will negatively impact our industry. For that reason, CPSA has decided to terminate our affiliation with APSP,” Wallace concluded.

APSP declined to comment on the matter.