The California Pool & Spa Association is expanding its geographic focus, forming a new entity called the The Pool, Spa & Aquatics Alliance and combining with NSPF. The alliance will become effective January 1, 2018.

Under the terms of the agreement, CPSA will continue its work in government relations, and will share its lobbying expertise with NSPF as the Foundation looks to ramp up its efforts to help shape legislation on the national level.

According to Bruce Dunn, NSPF board chairman, “As the Foundation has evolved over the years, we’ve only had a minor role in government relations. And
government relations affects almost everything we do — the Model Aquatic Health Code is a good example.

“This agreement with CPSA will bring to us the knowledge and background for government relations work, and we have the opportunity to bring to their
membership involvement in our educational programs. It is exciting to welcome the Association to lead the NSPF Family’s government relations efforts.”

The Foundation has committed a specific amount of money over a three-year period to develop an executive director position within the framework of NSPF, using the CPSA model, Dunn added.

“This sets up the Alliance to take the expertise of CPSA, add to that the expertise and educational programs of NSPF and Genesis, bring it all together and use those assets to work for the benefit of industry members in any locale in any region of the country,” Dunn says.
CPSA has distinguished itself fighting pool closures and construction bans during the five-year drought in California. In addition, they have represented pool and spa industry interests as the California state legislature has debated contractor requirements and employment-law bills that impact small businesses.
“Influencing legislators requires strong relations, backed with scientific support. John Norwood and his team have shown their ability to engage, educate, and influence government representation,” says NSPF CEO Thomas Lachocki.
“We look forward to connecting with NSPF to ensure we avoid duplicate efforts and work together on government affairs issues,” adds Norwood, who has accepted the role of CPSA National Government Affairs Director.