Albert is not your average salesperson — he’s an artificial intelligence program designed explicitly to increase sales leads.

Albert uses complex algorithms to assess existing marketing strategies and implement new ones, like landing pages, social media posts, email campaigns and more. Better yet, “he” does it completely autonomously, meaning companies that use Albert can spend less time on marketing and more time on lead follow-ups. 

If you’re skeptical, you’re not alone. Gallery Furniture owner/operator Jim McIngvale was too, but after reading a case study of Harley Davidson’s success, he implemented Albert in his Houston, Texas, store. In the first month alone, revenues at Gallery increased by 22 percent, and the ROI for Facebook ads increased 394 percent. The numbers have been climbing ever since.

According to Albert’s website, the program achieved such results in several ways. It identified women ages 45-65 as a high-performing audience and created new campaigns to target them, and It also noticed more than 75 percent of total Gallery conversions were delivered via mobile, prompting the algorithm to shift resources to maximize mobile performance.

The full story can be read on Furniture Today.