Representatives from 16 countries gathered at the Aquanale conference in Cologne, Germany, last month to form the World Alliance of Pool & Spa Associations, or WAPSA. The United States, represented by APSP President & CEO Rich Gottwald, joins Australia, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey in the new union.

Designed to protect and promote the industry, the WAPSA will specifically focus on industry harmonization and the exchange of knowledge. The Alliance will closely coordinate the efforts of partners to support sharing of knowledge and best practices in the areas of training and development and safety. Countries will benefit from the combined expertise in key areas.

"The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals is proud to be a founding member of this Alliance," says APSP President & CEO Rich Gottwald. "Through this Alliance we will further extend the reach and impact of our efforts to ensure a united and safer industry."

The World Alliance of Pool & Spa Associations will meet again in November 2018 at the Piscine Global Show in Lyon, France.