As a reflection of the pool and spa industry, readers of AQUA Magazine are close in the way small towns are close — it seems like everyone knows each other. And while trade publications like ours spend quite a bit of time covering news from the big players, we've always thought something was missing: A place for companies large and small to share community events and news items.

With that in mind, we created the AQUA Community.

Like a local bulletin board, the AQUA Community is a place we can share news from you, the reader, to the rest of the community.

“This is reporting on obits, company sales, new hires, new management changes, company acquisitions, new products or trends, special fundraisers  or community service activities our readers are involved with,” says Stan Chambers, AQUA's west coast media advisor. “We can build familiarity throughout the industry. Something where you can make AQUA the focal point of finding out what’s going on with the business.”

Whether you're a single service technician, a small business or large company, we want to know the latest news in your business. Have an exciting new hire? Celebrating a milestone anniversary you'd like to crow about? Are you doing good in your community? Let us be your megaphone and share that news with your fellow industry pros.

The Community page is regularly updated, so feel free to bookmark it and visit from time to time. Community news will also appear in our e-newsletter, AQUA Today, to help you keep up to date on the latest news.

Have something you'd like us to share? Send an email (and photos, if applicable) to