The sharing economy has expanded into the pool industry with the launch of Pool For U, a service where pool owners can rent their pools to swimmers on an hourly basis. In other words, it's Airbnb for pools.

"Our slogan is bringing summer closer to home," Bunim Laskin, Pool For U CEO, told "We don't want you traveling to Puerto Rico just to sit in a pool."

Pool owners set the rental fee and availability of the pool, which can be changed last-minute so long as the timeslot isn't already rented out. Pool owners can also set limits and rules of conduct for guests, such as prohibiting pets and limiting the number of guests.

Pools range in price from $25 to $325 an hour. Listings display photos of the pool, guest requirements, rules of conduct, amenities, previous reviews and additional information renters should know about the pool. While Pool For U takes 15 percent of the revenue, 85 percent goes back to the pool owner.

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The idea behind Pool For U was inspired by Laskin's upbringing in Lakewood, N.J. His family loved to swim but lacked a pool in which to do so, and the beach was 40 minutes away. When neighbors down the street mentioned just how expensive it was to open their pool each summer, Laskin asked if he could rent it, and an idea was born.

Pool For U launched early in July. Currently, the available pools are located in New Jersey, New York and Michigan, but the company plans to expand westward.


Kathryn Howard is Assistant Editor of AQUA Magazine.