At the height of pool season, there’s nothing more valuable than time. Pool professionals, especially pool service technicians, know that saving a few extra minutes on a project can make a major difference in staying on track with daily appointments.

Yet with such hectic schedules during the peak season, many pool service technicians still find themselves underwater managing inefficient tasks and processes. There’s no better example of this than the work that goes into valve actuator installations and replacements.

An essential part of pool and spa combinations, valve actuators control water flow in two- and three-way valves. They’re also crucial components in pools that include water features or other water flow elements.

However, with many valve actuator solutions on the market today, service technicians are required to manually unscrew the actuator casing, remove the upper lid and physically adjust actuator cams to set the appropriate flow. This outdated, labor-intensive process can take approximately 20 minutes or more for each installation.

A Better Solution

With this in mind, Intermatic developed the new ReadySet Electronic Valve Actuator. The upgraded solution helps pool service techs streamline installations by removing one of the most dreaded aspects of the valve actuator setup process — establishing valve position set points.

Through an intuitive workflow, ReadySet makes it easy for service technicians to quickly lock in valve position set points without unscrewing the actuator casing or making manual adjustments. What previously took 20 minutes or more to complete can be done in a fraction of the time.

A Deep Dive on ReadySet

ReadySet is a 24-volt electronic valve actuator that mounts to two-way and three-way diverter valves, the type typically used for in-ground pool and spa combinations. It is universally compatible with all pool and spa flow controls; however, the actuator’s no-hassle design is what sets it apart from other options on the market.

In addition to pool and spa combinations, it’s the ideal solution to use for pools that include bubblers, water features, laminar jets, decorative fountains and more.

ReadySet (Model PE24RSVA) replaces the time-consuming step of unscrewing the actuator casing with a simple toggle-switch interface. In a matter of minutes, service technicians can attach ReadySet to any diverter valve and follow step-by-step instructions to find the perfect flow. LED lights and helpful audio cues confirm when a successful installation is complete.

Aside from securing the unit to the diverter valve, no additional manual work is required.

What’s more, the minutes saved on each installation can add up. By integrating ReadySet into daily work, rather than turning to traditional options, service technicians can tack days back onto their calendar and maximize billable hours.

Flexible Settings Ensure the Perfect Flow

No two pools are identical, which makes having the flexibility to match water flow to specific client needs a major benefit.

Rather than static 45-, 90- and 180-degree presets, which are often found in traditional valve actuators, ReadySet lets users select any incremental valve position to fit their application.

As a result, service technicians can bypass the trial and error process of setting cams for water features, ensuring decorative pool elements display perfectly without the hassle.

Moreover, ReadySet includes a 30-foot cord - the longest cord on the market - for added convenience. It is especially useful when connecting the actuator on pool pads with zero lot line easements.

Common applications for ReadySet:

  • In-Ground Pool and Spa Combinations
  • Water Features
  • Bubblers
  • Laminar Jets
  • Solar Heating and Cooling
  • Deck Jets
  • Decorative Fountains

Ready – Set – Go!

Adding ReadySet to your equipment arsenal is a small step that has the potential to save hours over the course of the pool season. It’s the easiest way yet to set actuators for pools, spas, water features and more.

Contact an Intermatic sales representative today to learn more about the time-saving ReadySet Electronic Valve Actuator.