• Genesis Presents PSP Lineup

    by AQUA Editors September 2015

    Genesis has announced its suite of educational programs for the 2015 PSP Expo, a slate which offers IACET and additional continuing education credit options. International-level courses in watershape hydraulics, structures and cosmetic innovations will be available for industry professionals in the building, design and landscape architecture fields.

    The Genesis programs are categorized into four groups: Design, Engineering, Construction and Business, with a matrix that helps define...

  • APSP's WAVE Network to Hold 1st Behind-the-Scenes Event

    by AQUA Editors September 2015

    For three years now, APSP’s WAVE Young Professionals Network has served as a place where the next generation of pool and spa professionals can meet and discuss the industry’s future. This year, APSP is excited to announce its first behind-the-scenes event in which WAVE members will travel to Zodiac Pool Systems’ headquarters in Vista, Calif., for a day of in-depth education.

    Early next month, more than a dozen young professionals from all corners of the industry — including...

  • We Want Escape

    by Rich Gottwald September 2015

    Everything we do at APSP is towards one goal: to put more pools in the ground and sell more hot tubs. The pool, spa and hot tub industry needs to grow to ensure its long-term success. To be successful, we need everyone in the industry to work together toward that common goal. 

    One way APSP is working to sell more pool, spas and hot tubs is with a new consumer outreach campaign called Escape. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about the benefits of pools, spas and hot...

  • A Great Escape In The Making

    by Lenny Giteck September 2015

    At the upcoming PSP Expo, APSP will unveil an exciting new initiative: Escape, a major digital marketing program aimed directly at consumers.

    The word "escape" conjures up two images: getting away from something undesirable, like the scorching summer heat and the grind of day-to-day life, and breaking away to something far better — like the cool, refreshing waters of a pool or the soothing warmth of a spa. Both are central messages to the new marketing campaign, which is being...

  • APSP University Certification Courses at Expo

    by AQUA Editors September 2015

    APSP University, a growing provider of pool, spa, and hot tub training, will offer certification courses for pool and spa builders, designers, and hot tub and service providers at the 2015 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, being held Nov. 7-12 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

    Two courses will be offered: The Pool & Spa Construction Course (PSCC), and the Certified Service Technician Course (CST).

    “APSP University offerings at the...

  • The People's Pool Code

    by AQUA Editors September 2015

    There’s no secret that when it comes to government regulation, many in the pool and spa industry are decidedly nonplussed. The widespread perception that government regulators and legislators all too often foist draconian requirements on the aquatic industry stands as a common refrain amongst industry members struggling to comply with today’s mountain of red tape, fees, licenses and regulations.

    With that adversarial climate as a backdrop, there is one “code” that represents an...

  • Upcoming Virtual Courses from APSP University

    by AQUA Editors August 2015

    APSP continues its virtual course offerings for pool and spa industry professionals who want to advance their education and skills from their home or office.

    APSP University’s virtual classrooms allow attendees to interact with the instructor and ask questions, giving attendees a more complete online educational experience.

    September 9: Pool & Spa Inspection Virtual Course

    9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (EDT)

    In this three hour virtual course from...

  • WAHC Seeks to Shape Future of Aquatics With 2015 Conference

    by AQUA Editors August 2015

    The twelfth World Aquatic Health Conference will host several unique and educational events to help leaders shape the future of aquatics, pools and spas at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event, hosted by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, will take place October 7 to 9.

    This scientific and leadership conference promises a packed schedule and a robust networking environment. In conjunction with the WAHC, there will be two other aquatic-related...

  • APSP Partners With Gallup

    by AQUA Editors August 2015

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals has announced a partnership with the polling research company Gallup to develop data on pool ownership in the U.S.

    Through in-depth surveying of those who purchased pools over the last 24 months, this new research program will assess the state of the pool and spa market nationally, and provide analysis and advice to participants on demographic trends, media habits, and the purchase decision process, among other key...

  • Calif. PG&E Announces 1st Motor-Only Rebate

    by AQUA Editors August 2015

    Motors using variable-speed technology have come on the market in recent years that are designed to be installed as replacement motors on traditional pumps. These replacement motors are a great way to achieve variable speed-type savings without replacing the entire pump. That is, the existing impeller and water section of the pump are retained while upgrading the system using a variable speed motor.

    However, until now, the rebate programs that have dramatically spurred the...