• It's Dad vs. Dad in Funny Pool Safety Video

    by AQUA Editors May 2016

    We all know pool safety is important — but to some, things can get a little competitive. In the below video, created by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, we witness a classic example of “keeping up with the Joneses,” but with a funny, pool-industry spin. Instead of one-upping each other with fancy cars and lavish vacations, we see two dads go head-to-head about who has the safer poolscape.

    One gets an alarm, the other gets a safety net. One gets a fence and…you get the...

  • IPSSA Creates Fund to Support Swim Lessons

    by AQUA Editors May 2016

    Bob Luedtke has been an IPSSA member for more than 25 years. He has served on the IPSSA BORD in the past as CFO, president and education chair. As a result, he has been aware that IPSSA chapters have, for many years, provided funding for free swim lessons to their local communities.

    “The Diamond Bar IPSSA chapter is a prime example,” Luedtke says. “They have been providing funding to pay for swim lessons at their local pool for many years and have helped that community by teaching...

  • SOI 2016: What Do Consumers Think About Pools and Spas?

    by Barrett Kilmer May 2016

    In 2007, the pool building business hit a high-water mark, with approximately 180,000 new pools put into the ground. A year later, the housing market collapsed and plunged the nation into a deep recession. Sales slumped. Builders went bust.

    The stronger builders found their footing and continued installing new pools, though in smaller numbers. After five years of slow, post-recession growth, last year builders only installed around 55,000 inground pools in the United States.

  • National Water Safety Month Begins

    by AQUA Editors May 2016

    Four leading aquatics organizations, along with several other water safety groups, are kicking off a month-long campaign to encourage safer water practices during National Water Safety Month.

    Throughout its nine year existence, National Water Safety Month has gained attention from Governors of all 50 states signing water safety proclamations, and Olympic swimmers highlighting the vital importance of public education regarding safer practices for kids and adults in and around the...

  • Why You Should Own IPSSA's Water Chemistry Training Manual

    by Eric Herman May 2016

    For those of us who are fascinated by water chemistry, especially of the pool and spa kind, there's a wonderful new resource well worth considering. The Independent Pool & Spa Service Association recently announced the release of its Basic Training Manual (2016 Revised Edition), Part I — Water Chemistry, by Robert W. Lowry. When it comes to the world of pool and spa water...

  • Does the Future Hold 25 Million New Pools?

    by Bil Kennedy May 2016

    In 1991, the residential inground swimming pool industry began an impressive 14-year run-up, going from 97,000 annual new pools to 176,000. To put that in perspective, the 2.1 million inground pools built during that period nearly equaled the entire number of pools built in the U.S. since the industry's emergence in the 1950s. In fact, nearly 40 percent of all inground pools today were built during that period.

    But as everyone knows, the party ended in 2006. Over the next four years...

  • Educating the Industry with Water in Motion

    by Lenny Giteck April 2016

    As show organizers considered the impending Pool & Spa show in Atlantic City this year, they decided to plan something really special to help educate industry members on the nuances of pool hydraulics. And playing on a number of references both in and outside the industry, they decided to call it "The Wall."

    Primarily the brainchild of Trish McCormick, manager of NESPA's The Pool & Spa Show, and Paulette Pitrak, NESPA's deputy executive director, The Wall was developed as...

  • Pool and Spa Industry Leaders Sponsor Kids Day Out

    by AQUA Editors April 2016

  • Water Safety USA Launched

    by AQUA Editors April 2016

    A consortium of national governmental and nongovernmental organizations concerned with water safety and drowning prevention have come together to establish Water Safety USA, a focused effort to empower people with resources, information, and tools to more safely enjoy and benefit from our nation's aquatic environments. Water Safety USA will work to align safety advice from member organizations and magnify the reach of that advice in an effort to collaboratively improve water...

  • APSP Pushes Pool Covers To Feds

    by AQUA Editors April 2016


    APSP's Water Conservation Coalition went to Capitol Hill last month to advocate for the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense certification for the industry's most efficient cover...