• A Pool That Defies Gravity…and Logic

    by Cailley Hammel July 2019

    At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, when you're in the pool industry, you see a lot of pools. Here at AQUA, we're regularly impressed and dazzled by the creative ingenuity found in the projects we come across. That said…once in a great...

  • It's All Fun and Games in This Billards-Themed Pool

    by Eric Herman July 2019

    It's a swimming pool that looks like a giant pool table and it's all part of an extraordinary vacation property that is pushing the concept of "theme" to a new level.

    The property is called Great Escape Parkside. Located near Orlando in Groveland, Fla., on 10 highly developed acres, it features 15 themed bedrooms, each with décor based on games such as Monopoly, Twister and Pac-Man, but that's just the start.

    The game theme is carried throughout the property with a dizzying...

  • Makeover Magic

    by Eric Herman July 2019

    Consumers expect pools to be beautiful. When they fall into disrepair with dodgy plaster, drab tile, cliché coping and worn-out decks, restoring these settings can become a profitable revenue stream, either as part of a larger construction enterprise or as a singular specialty.

    Either way, making the most of those opportunities requires design flexibility, a willingness to expand product offerings and above all, the ability to listen to client needs while also guiding them to the...

  • A Backyard Aboveground, Neat as a Pin

    by Scott Webb July 2019

    The backyard aboveground has been around for a long time, but it's never been quite this … cute. And tidy. One might be tempted to say "tiny," because this pool comes from Tiny in a Box, the people who have become famous for delivering tiny homes. And they sell this pool as a "Tiny Pool," but in fact even the small size...

  • A Monumental Cover

    by AQUA Editors July 2019

    This immense pool cover by Meyco Pool Covers was completed by five people over five days. The cover was made in nine separate pieces, with each piece designed to overlap the adjoining pieces. A unique “bridging system” was developed to connect the covers so they would join in a precise manner and still carry the safety parameters that Meyco applies to all of its safety covers.

    One of the biggest challenges was anticipating how the material would shrink and grow during the...

  • Inside Helsinki's Underground Swimming Pool

    by Eric Herman July 2019

    Finland's capital Helsinki has embraced downward expansion. Since 1960, the city has been actively creating an underground "shadow city" in an effort to contain urban sprawl, become more energy efficient and escape the cold. Carved in the area's solid Granodiorite bedrock, Helsinki's vast...

  • Unique Aspects of Hot Water Chemistry and Testing

    by Wayne Ivusich July 2019

    Despite some long-held beliefs, a spa is simply not a small pool. There are major differences between the chemistry of hot water environments and pool water environments – differences unique enough to warrant a separate discussion. For service technicians, understanding these differences and knowing how to alter your pool testing and treatment regimen to one suited for spas is critical for maintaining healthy water for their customers.

    So, how does spa water differ from pool...

  • The Great Cyanurate Debate

    by Eric Herman June 2019

    Cyanuric acid plays a vital role in pool sanitizing because of its role in protecting chlorine residuals from degradation in sunlight. The enduring question, however, is how much is too much?

    Some chemistry experts argue that anything over 50 ppm is too high because CYA not only protects chlorine from the sun, it also ties it up and renders most of it ineffective as CYA levels increase. The long-recognized standard for CYA levels is 100 ppm (or 90 ppm, depending who you ask) — a...

  • Our Fight to Save Our Community Pool

    by Colleen Paulson June 2019

    There are thousands of community pools across the country struggling to stay open and viable due to cuts to municipal budgets. The story of the Brook Park Swim Club, my community pool, is typical of many. The Brook Park Swim Club, in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, isn’t just a place to swim – it is the heart and soul of our community. Our kids meet throughout the summer for swim team, parties, pick-up soccer games and more. Adults get some much-needed sun and conversation after the long and...

  • The Lifecycle of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

    by Steve Goodale June 2019

    For many swimming pool owners, the path to researching and buying new pool equipment can be a frustrating experience. If you don't know what to expect with your new purchase you may find that you are unpleasantly surprised with how it works out for you. In an attempt to help you understand what to expect with your new robotic pool vacuum, consider this article as a strategy guide to walk you through the stages of life for your new piece of expensive swimming pool equipment.