• The Right Angles

    by AQUA Editors July 2003

    How are you going to compete with God?" asks Bill Meredith, while explaining why this pool in Weston, Conn., does not have an especially natural feel to it. The design couldn't rival the pond just beyond the edge of the pool because you don't want a manmade structure competing with an authentic body of water, says Meredith, the principal designer for The Glen Gate Company, Wilton,...

  • Special Challenges? Specialty Chemicals!

    by Scott Webb July 2003

    Pretend we're at the AQUA Show in Las Vegas, where, you know, wagering is allowed. You get a call on your cell phone. It's one of your customers, and she's got a big pool problem. What's your bet. Stains. A 20,000-gallon fiberglass bowl of orangeade. Backyard pool now a backyard pond?

    You might make a little money here, because each dealership has its characteristic pool problems. That's because although algae is basically algae, and dissolved iron is iron,...

  • A Recipe for Success

    by AQUA Editors February 2002

    Pool and spa projects don't win national awards by luck. Certain projects stand out from the rest aesthetically, structurally and functionally, as is the case with this project, which recently won Gold in the NSPI International Awards of Excellence.

    Located in Dallas, Texas, this pool exudes all the properties of an award-winning pool and spa - from the numerous water fountains...

  • Vinyl Destination

    by AQUA Editors January 2002

    By Scott Webb

    From an inkling in a designer's mind to a top-selling pool pattern, vinyl travels a winding road

    Vinyl pool begins with an idea — both in a customer's and a manufacturer's mind. Not always simultaneously, of course, but somewhere a mother of swimming-age children considers the possibilities of outdoor preteen...

  • Together as One

    by Matthew Butler January 2002

    Wildlife, nature and mankind live as one in this spectacular pool and water feature paradise in San Antonio, Texas.

    At first glance, a guest might think about jumping into what looks to be a hot tub situated at the far end of the backyard. That individual would be in for a not-so-pleasant surprise. The octagonal water vessel is actually a bog pond that's home to various lilies...