• The Smart Sensor Revolution

    by Cailley Hammel July 2019

    The IoT Movement is continuing to take America by storm. According to Statista, smart home devices — or internet-enabled devices that can remotely monitor and control areas of the home — are experiencing exponential growth, which is only expected to accelerate.

    That surge speaks to a near-universal interest in products that shoulder the burden of home ownership and in many ways lessen the impact of life's annoyances. Instead of manually sweeping the floor, you can deploy a vacuum...

  • Keep Calm and Cover Up

    by AQUA Editors July 2019

    While it may be July with the hustle and bustle of pool season fully upon us, the winterizing season will be in full swing in a matter of months. When the time comes, service technicians, like busy bears, will be tucking pools in for hibernation mode.

    Winter pool covers play a large role in the winterizing process. These off-season pool lids give homeowners peace of mind, shielding little ones, pets and even wildlife from the dangers of an open pool. They also protect against...

  • A Backyard Aboveground, Neat as a Pin

    by Scott Webb July 2019

    The backyard aboveground has been around for a long time, but it's never been quite this … cute. And tidy. One might be tempted to say "tiny," because this pool comes from Tiny in a Box, the people who have become famous for delivering tiny homes. And they sell this pool as a "Tiny Pool," but in fact even the small size...

  • COMBOConnect Delivers Improved Functionality With a Smaller Footprint

    by Intermatic June 2019

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    In an era of smart home controls, self-driving cars and widespread digital communication, it’s no surprise that pool and spa technology is also evolving. But rather than thinking about Wi-Fi connectivity or mobile alerts to check pH levels, most pool owners are concerned simply...

  • New App Keeps Sales Process Organized

    by Scott Webb June 2019

    The pool salesperson has long had a wide selection of design software and apps from which to choose for drawing up pools and estimating costs. However, according to Mark Richter, vice president of sales for Pool Pro Office, there's never...

  • This Year's Must-Have Pool Floats

    by Cailley Hammel May 2019

    Like the must-have toy at Christmas, everyone wants the season's hit pool float — a trend that's been ongoing for several years with no signs of...

  • The New Frontier for Vinyl Liners: Holographic Designs

    by Cailley Hammel May 2019

    The vinyl liner industry has made great strides in recent years — customers who seek extra "oomph" from their liner patterns can choose sparkly, iridescent inks,...

  • Saunas: The Sensory Experience

    by Abigail Carpenter May 2019

    The use of the sauna has long been known for its health and wellness properties, but over the last several years in particular, mounting evidence has confirmed those assertions. Just last year, a study from the Mayo Clinic found a link between sauna use and lowered risk of vascular diseases, neurocognitive diseases and nonvascular conditions like pulmonary diseases, among a host of other benefits.

    With health benefits well established, sauna manufacturers are finding consumers are...

  • Make More Money Selling Salt Chlorine Generators

    by AQUA Editors May 2019

    Salt chlorine generators can be one of the richest revenue streams in a retail operation. Modern consumers have embraced salt chlorine generators and the convenience they provide; they often need little convincing, having made up their mind after a discussion with a neighbor or after some basic online research. To maximize the potential of the sale, however, and ensure the customer remains satisfied with the purchase, education and ongoing maintenance products are essential. Retailers are...

  • Putting Safety First

    by AQUA Editors April 2019

    Any pool and spa experience is made better by a safe environment. The addition of fences, covers, alarms and other safety measures give homeowners — especially those with little ones — peace of mind that allows them to enjoy their backyard experience to the fullest. Manufacturers are also committed to putting homeowners at ease with an array of safety products. Here, take a look at just some of the safety products you can find on the market.