• October 2011 Portable Spa Product Focus

    by Scott Webb October 2011

    Check out these fabulous soakers. Whether your customers are looking for a high-end spa with seating for eight, or just a little hot tub for two, the wide selection of great spa models that follows will give you plenty from which to choose.

    Arctic Spas

  • New Pool And Spa Products For October 2011

    by AQUA Editors October 2011

    Premium LeisurePremium 237-8772

    Go Spas, by Premium Leisure, are new spas offering fresh,...

  • 2011 Green Product Roundup

    by Karen Erstad September 2011

    photo of flowers in front of pool
    (photo courtesy Phovoir)

    Companies all over the nation have found that, contrary to what Kermit the frog might tell you, it's actually fairly easy being green — just provide sustainable products that save resources and save customers money.

    Product Focus On Winterizing Products For Pools And Spas

    by Scott Webb August 2011

    photo of frozen outdoor pool pipe
    (photo courtesy Kuyler McComas| Flickr)

    We call it "winterizing" — blowing out the lines, covering the skimmer, anchoring a cover and adding certain chemicals, etc. — as if we're preparing for winter, but in the North the pool is closed in the early fall and it usually remains closed throughout...

  • AQUA's Roundup Of Pool And Spa Safety Products

    by Barrett Kilmer June 2011

    To co-opt and slightly alter a popular advertising adage, safety sells. The following companies offer a wide range of safety products that do the double duty of keeping customers safe while keeping registers ringing. One really can do well by doing good.

  • Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin Tours Hayward Pool Products Plant In Effort To Close The "Skills Gap"

    by Barrett Kilmer June 2011

    photo of Congressman Jim Langevin touring Hayward facility
    Congressman Jim Langevin (center) toured the Hayward facility in RI on Tuesday as part of his "Close the Skills Gap" initiative.

    Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) visited the Hayward Pool Products’ facility in North Kingston, Rhode Island in early June on a mission to strengthen...

  • Hayward Pool Products To Appear On Popular Home Improvement Show

    by Barrett Kilmer June 2011

    logo for Designing SpacesHayward's Energy Solutions pool products will be featured on the popular home improvement show Designing Spaces, Friday, June 3, at 7:30 a.m. Eastern on Lifetime. The show will focus on helpful tips for enjoying the swimming pool experience while being environmentally responsible.

    Kevin Potucek, Hayward's vice president of product...

  • Profile of pool and spa service products

    by Barrett Kilmer March 2010

    A pool service technician's main tools are simple ones: poles, brushes and bottles of chemicals. These indispensible implements are found in any truck and are used so often they barely have a chance to get dry. Dig a little deeper into the back of a well-equipped service truck, though, and you'll find a small warehouse of items meant to clean the toughest stains, diagnose the most mysterious...

  • Product roundup of automatic pool covers

    by Barrett Kilmer May 2009

    We recently received an e-mail from a reader who took exception to a Waterfront item we ran in March. "All The World's A Playground" (page 16) profiled a professional skateboarder who goes by the name "Peacock." Peacock and some fellow skaters have long used abandoned swimming pools as skate parks, and lately there's been an abundance of them, thanks to the skyrocketing...