• Getting to the Bottom of Wrinkled Vinyl Pools (Sponsored Content by Tara Manufacturing)

    by AQUA Editors March 2016

    The success of the vinyl-liner pool category is a testament to the hard work and professionalism of three distinct players — manufacturers, fabricators and installers. When all three perform correctly, the end results can be breathtaking, mimicking the look of custom gunite pools with waterline tile or glass mosaics at a fraction of the cost.

    Of course, shortcomings in any of these areas can cause problems. Lately, one particular problem — wrinkling — has been increasing in both...

  • What is a Snow Sauna, and Why Would Anyone Want One?

    by AQUA Editors March 2016

    Saunas aren't just heating up — they're cooling down.

    TechnoAlpin, a global company that specializes in snow-making systems, offers a rather unique product: "snow rooms." Like their hot sauna counterparts, these spaces...

  • Why Caves and Grottos are Easy, Profitable Pool Add-Ons

    by Bruce Riley March 2016

    CPSA Announces Bevy of Agreements

    by AQUA Editors March 2016

    The California Pool & Spa Association (CPSA) has announced several new affiliation agreements with pool industry partners designed to consolidate industry efforts and support.

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF), the Western Pool and Spa Show, and the Foundation for Pool and Spa Industry Education (FPSIE) have all finalized affiliation agreements with CPSA, and the association is close to finalizing an agreement...

  • Suction APCs: A Workhorse Revisited

    by AQUA Editors March 2016

    It's no secret that over the past several years robots have grabbed most, if not all, the attention in the world of automatic pool cleaners.

    Yet for all of the panache and gear-head appeal of robotic units, the basic, tried‑ and-true suction automatic pool cleaner still dominates the market and by some accounts is even increasing in market share.

    According to manufacturers, suction cleaners account for approximately 50 percent of sales, with robotic and pressure-driven...

  • The Persistent Myths of Salt Systems

    by Scott Webb March 2016

    The salt chlorine generator is one of the great success stories in the history of the industry. It automates the delivery of chlorine, providing a steady sanitizer level. It removes the burden of transporting chlorine products to the pool. And many consumers say the water in an SCG pool feels better on their skin.

    But from the days of its introduction to the industry decades ago, misunderstandings about the system have lingered among consumers. A recent survey from chemical vendor...

  • Accessories Are Key: 2016 Spa Steps, Surrounds and Enclosures Roundup

    by AQUA Editors March 2016

    {bglink 4929}When it comes to portable spas, the accessories can be just as cool as the tub itself. Below, we take a look at spa steps, surrounds and enclosures from top manufacturers.

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    Show Your Customers Why They Need to Upgrade Their Equipment

    by David Peterson March 2016

    "Everyone lives by selling something."
    — Robert Louis Stevenson

  • March 2016 New Spa and Pool Products

    by AQUA Editors March 2016

    Aqua Creek Products
    Aqua Creek is proud to introduce a new generation of spa lifts designed to provide greater access to residential and commercial pools or spas. The Spa Lift Ultra and Spa Lift Elite feature added clearance capabilities, making them ideal for taller swim and exercise spas. With...

  • The Power of the Freebie

    by Cailley Hammel March 2016

    For Dan Boelhauf, it's the little things that count. With more than 15 years in the pool and spa industry, more than a decade of which he's spent at St. Louis-area Prestige Pools & Spas, Boelhauf has learned that customers have changed — but throwing in a freebie goes a long way in making a hot tub sale.

    "For better or for worse, most of our customers believe they are experts now. Whether they are or not," he says. "The Internet has given them the ability to do their shopping...