• Sales Surge

    by Cailley Hammel February 2016

    Imagine if...

  • Mid America Show Will Stay in Indy

    by AQUA Editors February 2016

    Organizers of the Mid America Show have decided to retain their Indianapolis location for next year's show. Last month, the show was held in Indianapolis for the first time; it's success has led to a return engagement.

    "The move from Chicago to Indianapolis in January resulted in a boom in attendance and a very successful Show for both exhibitors and attendees. As word on how the Show flourished, booth space is expected to sell out early for 2017, and attendance is expected to...

  • The Psychology of Pricing

    by Ted Lawrence February 2016

    Growing up around the grocery industry, I quickly learned the importance of things like store layout and flow, merchandising strategies, product mix and selection and creating in-store theatrics. All of these things are extremely important in a successful retail selling environment, but there was always one topic that I found more interesting than the others: how to create a pricing strategy that can influence what a customer buys. This is called "the psychology of pricing." Many things go...

  • Bluetooth Ducky, You're the One

    by AQUA Editors February 2016

    It was only a matter of time before rubber ducks joined the wireless revolution and became much more than squeaky little bathtub buddies. Meet Edwin, a sweet yellow tubby duck that can sing any song on your smartphone!

    Part interactive bath toy, part wireless speaker and part night light, Edwin is a good...

  • Why Chemical Pods Have Staying Power

    by Scott Webb February 2016

    From the consumer's perspective, water care is the most important and thorniest of pool upkeep issues, and anything that demystifies and simplifies maintenance is a welcome relief. For this reason, the chemical convenience movement is one of the most important industry advancements in recent years.

    As crucial as it may be, pool and spa maintenance is well down the priority list for most pool owners. On any given day, there are a half dozen clearer and more present demands on a pool...

  • Cutting The Edge

    by Brian Van Bower January 2016

    I've always thought that part of remaining relevant in the aquatic design and construction business means coming up with fresh ideas, especially concepts that offer discerning clients something unexpected or unique.

    Of course, coming up with new ideas is itself not new. There was a time years ago when now-familiar features such as the vanishing edge or the all-tile pool finish fell into the "something new" category, giving a competitive edge to designers and contractors who were...

  • APSP Chapter Helps Special Needs Child

    by AQUA Editors January 2016

    The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals recently donated funds for the rehabilitation of a residential pool for Ariana Zyla, a girl with special needs in central Maryland, as part of its Smiles for Splashes program.

    Ariana’s mother, Lori, contacted Chesapeake Pools, an APSP member, to find out the cost to repair the residential in-ground pool at her new home so her children could swim. The pool required a list of safety items, upgrades and...

  • TEFC Pumps: Shelter from the Storm

    by Scott Webb January 2016

    Like any piece of machinery, the day a pool pump motor is put into service is the day it begins to deteriorate. For the bearings, the windings, the insulation and the casing, the countdown has begun until one of these crucial pieces fail and the pump can turn no more.

    Pump motor failure and replacement rates have been an issue in the pool and spa industry for decades, but as the industry matures, the drive is toward extending life and thus necessitating fewer customer calls to the...

  • January 2016 New Spa & Pool Products

    by AQUA Editors January 2016

    Avenue Mosaic is excited to unveil its collection of new tile designs. The Tea Box collection (pictured in Blue Lady) consists of 1-by-1-inch tiles, each showcasing a unique blend of wispy brushstrokes in soft tones. Individually, no two tiles are alike — but together, they make a stunning artistic...

  • Pool and Spa Retail Forecast: 2016

    by Phillip M. Perry January 2016

    How will retailers in the leisure aquatics industry fare in 2016? Very well, according to experienced market watchers. After several years of gradual improvement in the economy, the stars are aligning in favor of a more robust selling environment.

    "We expect 2016 will be a good year, with increased...