• Fiberglass Manufacturers Council Forms

    by AQUA Editors December 2015

    The APSP Board of Directors has approved the formation of a Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers Council. Curt Prystupa, Sun Fiberglass Pools, was appointed to serve as the Chair of the Council and Jason Hughes, River Pools & Spas, was appointed to serve as the Council's Co-Chair. Other APSP member companies participating on the Council include Alaglas Pools, Barrier Reef Pools, Latham Pool Products, Inc., Lonestar Fiberglass Pools, Tallman Pools and Thursday Pools.

    Members of the...

  • Lonza Addresses Saltwater Pool Myths

    by AQUA Editors December 2015

    Lonza, one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the pool and spa industry, has announced mid-year results from its consumer campaign to draw attention to and correct misperceptions of saltwater pools.

    The marketing campaign, "Salt or Chlorine?" has garnered over 160 million impressions. It was launched in May of this year with the goal of educating pool and spa dealers and consumers on the differences between traditional chlorine and...

  • The Potential of ORP

    by Scott Webb December 2015

    ORP/pH controllers have been used for decades, mostly on municipal pools, for water disinfection. In recent years, however, remote communications have created a more powerful application of this technology, enabling pool care technicians and operators to be more proactive in managing water.

    When sensors on an ORP unit read a deteriorating condition in pool or spa water, the unit can alert a pool care professional, allowing for immediate preventive action that can head off a...

  • APSP Announces Consumer Financing

    by AQUA Editors December 2015

    The goal is to help make pool, spa and hot tub ownership a reality for more people.

    APSP has announced it will work with Prosper, a leading online lending marketplace, to offer its members a consumer-friendly financing option that they can make available to their customers who are interested in pool, spa or hot tub ownership.

    “We want more people to enjoy the benefits of our industry’s products so we are making it easier for our members to sell more with...

  • The Award for Best New Product Goes To…

    by Cailley Hammel November 2015

    pHin, a new tech-focused product for consumers and professionals in the pool and spa industry, won the coveted best new product prize at this year’s PSP Expo.

    As we chronicled in October, pHin is a smart sensor for pools and spas that floats in the water and sends measurements — including pH, ORP, free chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid and...

  • Through the Looking Glass

    by AQUA Editors November 2015

    Sculptor Allison Armour has received...

  • Must-See Products at the 2015 PSP Expo

    by AQUA Editors November 2015

    On the hunt for cool products in Vegas? Here's just some of the new and bestselling products you’ll find on the show floor:

    The filtration needs of spas are very specific and fundamentally different in many ways from pools. With that in mind, Pleatco researched, developed and...

  • October 2015 Product Focus: Automatic Pool Cleaners

    by AQUA Editors October 2015

    Interested in a new automatic pool cleaner for your customers — or your own truck? Check out this impressive list of new and popular APCs on the market. 

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  • Incidental Profits

    by AQUA Editors October 2015

    A successful pool and spa business takes advantage of every chance to pick up a sale. A prime opportunity can often crop up in the casual, friendly interactions that occur on a daily pool service route between a tech and a customer.

    The backyard service tech using an APC to clean a pool is actually providing an informal demo presentation just like the Juiceman rep at Costco. Only the audience doesn't realize it's being sold. In these situations, the customer observes the process of...

  • 60-Mil On The Surface

    by Eric Herman October 2015

    The words "vinyl liner" mean different things to different people. For most, the familiar term refers to the colorful, waterproof barrier that hangs from the sides of affordable package pools. But there is another liner application that, while less well known, could serve as an alternative to plaster, exposed aggregate, pool paint or fiberglass as a resurfacing option.

    It involves welding 60-mil PVC membranes over a pool's worn out interior surface. The installer uses membrane...