The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals welcomes its fifth cadre of Fellows. These individuals may be nominated from any segment of the industry and may be honored posthumously. The peer-nominated honor was developed by the APSP Board of Directors to recognize leaders whose contributions have enhanced the professionalism of the pool, spa and hot tub industry through teaching, research and/or exemplary service to others.

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Frank J. Borrelle III
Frank served in every volunteer leadership capacity for the Penn Jersey Pool & Spa Association and taught CST and CMS courses for many years. He dedicated the final years of his life to seeing the first pool contractors licenses enacted for the state of New Jersey all predicated on industry training and education and a robust continuing education requirement for license maintenance.



Dennis Chapman
As a 40-year veteran of the industry, Dennis has served in various leadership positions with professional organizations, including president of NSPI in 1991. His work in pool chemistry and surface technology spans several decades, with one of his most notable contributions being presenting research on the science of dissolved metals in pool water in a way that was easily understandable to the pool professional.



Ed Cohen, CBP, CSP
For decades, Ed has been among the most visible proponents of professional development, sharing his knowledge and experience in the fields of pool service and leak detection. He has dedicated his time to the widespread growth of professional development by developing curriculum and teaching classes throughout the country.



Noel Conley, CSP
Noel has served as an instructor for decades and is a subject matter expert for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. While serving the industry through the North Texas Chapter, he has been instrumental in the Chapter's Dive into Recovery program.



Dr. William A. Kent
For over 40 years, Dr. Kent has been active in industry associations, and served as NSPI President in 1996. He is well recognized through the industry for his leadership, volunteer service and philanthropy and has written numerous technical and non-technical publications and holds a patent. His personal motto is, "The best is yet to come!"



Guy Larsen, CBP, CSP
For more than 25 years, Guy has served in leadership capacities on numerous industry boards and committees including NSPI, APSP and FPSIE. He is known for his dedication in promoting APSP education and certification and demonstrates it by being one of only a few holding both CBP and CSP certifications.



Dr. Stanley Pickens
Over his career, Stan has been granted over 22 U.S. patents. His command of the science of this industry has been shared through his numerous volunteer positions, namely with the APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee from 1997-2016. He is Six Sigma/Lean white belt certified.



Shawn Still
In addition to being a leading and legal expert on plaster surface finishes, Shawn has proven to be an advocate for the industry and for public safety. Through his influence and tireless effort in government affairs with the Georgia Chapter and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the state legislature mandated the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code.



Gene Wells
Gene was one of the initial pioneers that paved the way for the APSP standards program. Starting as early as the mid- 1980's he had the foresight, vision and leadership attributes as chair of APSP's Technical committee to put into place the building blocks for the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code that now leads us to the advent of licensing.



Donald H. Witte
Don's contribution to the APSP technical and standards program spans over 40 years. He served as technical Committee chairman for many years, successfully bringing the vinyl liner segment into the APSP fold as an alternative marketplace choice to concrete pools. Don served on many APSP standards writing committees, steadily moving the APSP standards towards more code language that ultimately qualified them for incorporation into the successful International Swimming Pool & Spa Code.