Ask anyone involved in advertising, marketing or public relations what the hardest part of their jobs is, and it won’t take long for them to mention measuring success. If a customer has a single ad playing on the radio during rush hour and sales go up, even an intern can write a report detailing the campaign’s worth. But it’s usually not that simple.

Hot tub dealers, for example, might advertise on radio and television, send direct mail to targeted customers, put inserts into Sunday Shopper sections and actively promote themselves on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all at the same time. If sales go up (and let’s hope they would in that scenario), who can say with any certainty where time and money was spent most effectively?

Thankfully, social media is more measurable than traditional media and PR efforts. A recent article in the online business magazine Insights For Professionals tells readers how to go about it. Click here to see the whole story.