A new pool season brings new products, and June has quite a few: solar panels, an auto cover for vinyl pools, flexible PVC pipe and more.

CoolPV helps customers realize up to four times more energy output from their solar panels for powering their homes and heating their pools. The new technology is the first cost effective hybrid combination of solar thermal and PV, allowing pool owners to increase energy production while saving utility costs. By combining a PV module with a thermal collector, a CoolPV system can reduce a user's electric bill and heat their swimming pool from the same roof. Electrical output is increased as the PV modules are cooled.
coolpvsolar.com | (800) 994-7652



Fox Pools
Fox now offers straight and radius in-pool benches for pools. Created to meet the growing demand for in-pool features, the new in-pool benches provide a place to rest within the pool for consumers looking to relax or remain close to children swimming. Available in a straight or a radius curve to match freeform shaped pools. Benches also feature hydrotherapy jets, making them a great upgrade for any pool renovation.
foxpool.com | (800) 723-1011



The newly redesigned DuraChlor now offers new WipeOut — a fast acting, non-chlorine oxidizing treatment for pools powered by oxone. This powerful oxidizer will not raise chlorine levels in pool water and maintains second-to-none clarity. Compatible with chlorine, bromine, copper-silver ionization and chlorine generators. Can be used in any pool but is particularly ideal for vinyl-lined pools, as it will not bleach or fade pool liners. Swimmers can return to pool water within 15 minutes of treatment with WipeOut. Available in a variety of quantities.
durachlorpool.com | (800) 333-0400



S.R.Smith has just added Sentry Lifeguard Chairs to its comprehensive line of lifeguard stands. Designed to complement any aquatic environment, Sentry Lifeguard Chairs provide a stylish look that will stand the test of time. Constructed from high-density polyethylene and marine-grade hardware they are strong, durable and low maintenance. The 30-inch and 42-inch seat heights are in a range commonly specified for community, hospitality and resort swimming pools. Sentry Lifeguard Chairs come with umbrella and cup holders as well as a deck anchoring system. Easy to assemble and UPS shippable.
srsmith.com | (800) 824-4387



Designed specifically for use in pools, spas, hot tubs, jetted tubs and waterscapes above and below ground, the Ultra Flex flexible PVC pipe is the most flexible product in the market, the company says. This thicker wall product provides superior strength while delivering superior flexibility in true Schedule 40 sizes. Made with only the highest quality materials, the Ultra Flex flexible pipe is manufactured using an FDA non-toxic formulation that meets NSF standards while providing UV resistance and antimicrobial properties. Silicone and phthalate free.
tektubeusa.com | (877) 782-3055



Mountain Slate is a new vinyl liner design for swimming pools printed on a grey film to give the design a truly realistic look of hand-laid tiles with grey grout. Using cool tones of grey and blue and accented with black and white highlights, the pattern matches the latest in deck pavers and coping and has a three-dimensional quality that stands out from other patterns. Mountain Slate is a part of the Mountain Collection of patterns by i2M, which is available through pool liner fabricators and distributors.
i2m.us.com | (800) 242-3909



Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers has created a high-performance automatic safety cover system for vinyl-lined pools. The APC 365 System uses a slide-on polybox housing that saves installers hours of time and keeps the housing's lid perfectly flush with the deck. The unit includes a high-density poly box, coping, electric motor drive, flush lid, premium-grade vinyl, Invisa-Rope and a personalized PowerTouch operation system to secure the pool in 45 seconds. Available in eight different colors and four corner styles: 90-degree square, 3-inch diagonal, 6-inch radius and 2-foot radius. Comes with a five-year vinyl warranty and a 10-year component warranty.
apc-mfg.com | (800) 878-5789




The Polaris PB4SQ booster pump is engineered to set a new standard for energy efficiency, quieter operation and ease of installation and service. The Polaris PB4SQ is a high-performance booster pump built specifically to power Polaris pressure cleaners. The multistage design reduces energy use by more than 30 percent. Features a new totally enclosed fan-cooled motor and innovative fan designed for reduced noise. Quick-connect fittings and easy access to wiring makes it easy to install and service.
polarispool.com | (800) 822-7933



ControlOMatic now offers the ChlorMaker salt chlorine generator for spas. Uniquely designed to retrofit on existing spas, the control panel can be mounted to the spa skirt and offers easy to use, three-button controls to adjust chlorine or bromine. The ChlorMaker operates on a three-hour cycle and makes chlorine eight times a day so there is no need to manually add chlorine. Includes a "boost mode" for increased chlorine production after spa use. Can be used on spas up to 1,000 gallons.
controlomatic.com |(530) 205-4520



AquaCal AutoPilot has introduced a new look across its air source heat pump line. The HeatWave SuperQuiet, TropiCal and TropiCool heat pumps now sport a sleek, modern look. All three lines feature a lockable, flip-out control panel for protection from the sun and weather as well as a built-in drain pan to provide condensate management. As inventory of the current stock is depleted, AquaCal will roll the new designs into production. Half of the models are already transitioned, so you can look forward to seeing these eye-catching designs very shortly.
teamhorner.com | (800) 432-6966