• The Big Green Egg Phenomenon

    by Kathryn Howard May 2018

    Do you know an EGGhead?

    It's not an insult, it's the designated name for a fan of the Big Green Egg, the kamado-style grill made by the company of the same name.

    EGGheads can be found around the world, from North America to South Africa, and range from casual grillers to professional chefs. They even have their own online forum where they exchange recipes and grilling techniques (

    In the real...

  • Research Finds Millennials Prefer Shopping at Brick-and-Mortar Stores

    by Kathryn Howard April 2018

    With millennials poised to seize control of the economy in just a few years, there’s good news for brick-and-mortar retailers: Millennials prefer shopping in physical stores. This is supported by two reports released by omnichannel analytics companies SmarterHQ and Euclid.

    According to Smarter HQ, 50 percent of millennials prefer shopping in physical stores. Euclid’s report is more optimistic: it finds 59 percent of millennials made a purchase from a physical store weekly — which is...

  • The AQUA 100 Returns!

    by AQUA Editors April 2018

    For many years, AQUA magazine hosted the most prestigious pool and spa company award program in the industry, known as the AQUA 100. While that venerable award was sunsetted over a decade ago, many companies still proudly display the AQUA 100 logo on their walls as a milestone accomplishment in their history.

    With that backdrop, AQUA has launched the New AQUA 100, a retailers-only award program that will recognize...

  • Retail Giants Turning to Private Label

    by Cailley Hammel April 2018

    Privately labeled products have long been a helpful tool for pool and spa retailers. First, name-brand alternatives are often cheaper, which make them appealing to price-focused consumers. Second, and more importantly, they provide a clear reason for customers to return to your store: “You can’t get this anywhere else.”

    According to Retail Dive, a news outlet for the...

  • Rising Above the Flood

    by Eric Herman April 2018

    Last August when Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Houston area, Jennifer and Tom Parison, owners of Texas Tom's Pool Supply in Kingwood, Texas, were among the thousands dramatically impacted as chest-high floodwaters wrecked their business.

    "We walked into...

  • Come to Relax, Stay For Your Health

    by Kathryn Howard April 2018

    {bglink 4821}It's no surprise that the main reason people buy saunas is the same reason people buy any leisure product: relaxation. But the sauna offers a well-documented distinction that draws customers interested in more than kicking back.

    "The main difference is the sauna has so many additional health benefits that you don't get in another leisure product," says Mark Raisenan, general manager at Finnleo. "Customers first come in seeking it for a place to get warm or a place to...

  • Build A Package Pool in Just a Few Clicks

    by Eric Herman April 2018

    Online shopping has transformed the way consumers behave. The combination of instantaneous access to product information and reviews, combined with the ability to purchase virtually anything you want in a matter of seconds, has created an unprecedented level of consumer empowerment. The numbers are impressive: According to, e-commerce sales reached $400-billion in 2016, growing 15.6 percent from 2015....

  • A Big Announcement from AQUA

    by Scott Webb April 2018

    Years ago in the pool and spa industry, there was a prestigious award program for pool and spa companies known as the AQUA 100. Membership was restricted to companies that could demonstrate excellence in areas such as customer service, product knowledge, store design, marketing and promotion.

    The goal was to foster professionalism and commercial distinction in the pool and spa industry by shining a light on some of the industry’s best examples. At the same time, members of the AQUA...

  • Hayward Acquires pHin Parent Company

    by AQUA Editors April 2018

    Hayward Industries announces it has acquired ConnectedYard, Inc. ConnectedYard is the company behind the pHin Smart Water Care solution, which combines a Wi-Fi-enabled smart monitor and mobile app that monitors pool and hot tub water chemistry and temperature 24/7, notifying customers via smartphone when they need to balance the water.

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    "The pHin Water Care solution is an...

  • The Evolution of Package-Pool Marketing

    by Eric Herman April 2018

    Package pools have come a long way in recent years. As has been widely reported in AQUA and elsewhere, package pools have evolved to the point where they offer most of the same features available in custom concrete pools. And many dealers offering package pools have moved into the total backyard business, offering luxury amenities such as custom hardscape, outdoor kitchens and shade structures.

    As the product and distribution continue to evolve, marketing and advertising have been...