• 2019 AQUA 100 Winner: Gohlke Pools

    by Cailley Hammel April 2019

    "We strive to provide the highest level of customer service, professionalism, service...

  • 2019 AQUA 100 Winner: Burton Pools & Spas

    by Cailley Hammel April 2019

    "Giving the customer a unique and memorable experience is our goal, and our stores help set the stage for us to do that."

    —Caleb Burton
    Director of Sales and Marketing, Burton Pools &...

  • 2019 AQUA 100 Winner: All Seasons Pools & Spas

    by Cailley Hammel April 2019

    "We strive to make All Seasons a pool store where customers enter as clients, but...

  • Introducing the 2019 AQUA 100

    by Cailley Hammel April 2019

    What makes a “great” pool and spa retailer?

    It’s hard to say. It could be sales, customer service, passionate leadership, what they do for the community or a litany of other factors.

    In our years of covering swimming pool and hot tub retail, we at AQUA know this: A great retailer is the sum of all those things and more. And this month, we'll be highlighting 10 of them, the first class of AQUA 100 winners since reviving the competition last year.

    These 10 companies...

  • Millennials: Reaching the Generation We Need

    by Daniel Seeger March 2019

    Like all business sectors, the pool and spa industry is in a state of constant adjustment as a younger generation integrates into the workforce. The term “millennial” is casually bandied about as a catchall synonym for fresh-faced youth, but that’s a mistake that can blind managers to the genuinely different needs of a major section of their staff.

    Although the starting point for the generation varies depending on who’s doing the measuring, most agree that the first millennial...

  • Pentair Scores a Touchdown with the Minnesota Vikings

    by Abigail Carpenter March 2019

    If you've gone to Minneapolis to watch the Vikings play at the U.S. Bank Stadium, you may have noticed something familiar: Pentair...

  • Intermatic Safety Transformers Bring Value to Pool and Spa Applications

    by Intermatic March 2019

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    Installing a new backyard pool or spa is all about decisions. From the size and shape...

  • A Wave Worth Catching

    by Daniel Seeger March 2019

    There are unique challenges for young professionals in the pool and spa industry, which is why APSP helps them learn from each other.

    It's a common modern lament: The widespread interconnectivity facilitated by social media and other digital tools actually drives people further apart than ever before. Young people know how to make online connections and register likes with an efficient click, but they have less experience in establishing real, lasting relationships.

    As with...

  • Scott Webb Commentary: Economic Canaries Still Chirping

    by Scott Webb March 2019

    As a rule, I try to keep a weather eye on the general economy — it’s the single most important factor in how many pools and spas we sell. And sales affect everything we do.

    At the macro level, when the flow of goods and services starts to constrict, when confidence wanes, when the movement of cash and capital through the system starts to slow, we in the pool and spa business feel it first because we make the products people cut first. We are the canaries of the economic coal...

  • What Would You Do: Storage Solutions

    by AQUA Editors March 2019

    Commercial property can be expensive, which leads some industry professionals to run their business out of their home. Storing materials, especially harmful chemicals, becomes a difficult task. What is the best storage solution? Industry pros share their insights:

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    Myles Mcmorrow