We are watching the renaissance of the vinyl liner: a new birth of color and form across the backyards of North America in a medium once confined to staid designs and repetitive shapes.

Once strictly the province of standardized or what some like to call "cookie cutter" products, vinyl liners now reach deep into the custom market. Searching the past for seeds of this profound change, many observers cite the advent of computerized design and manufacturing techniques that have enabled builders to achieve highly customized shapes. Manufacturers also say the ever-expanding palette of liner patterns has further empowered builders to strive for more creative ground.

Add to that, a great many vinyl-liner builders have grown to include ancillary features such as fountains, rock and artificial rock grottos, waterfalls and play structures, splash pads, laminar jets, elaborate lighting schemes and the use of state-of-the-art pumping, water treatment and control technology — all elements that have traditionally been associated with concrete vessels — in their projects.

In celebration of their achievement, we asked liner manufacturers to send us their finest examples of modern day construction for inclusion in this pictorial parade of vinyl pools.

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Eric Herman is Senior Editor of AQUA Magazine.