• APSP Pushes Pool Covers To Feds

    by AQUA Editors April 2016


    APSP's Water Conservation Coalition went to Capitol Hill last month to advocate for the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense certification for the industry's most efficient cover...

  • Safety First: Products for a Protected Backyard

    by AQUA Editors April 2016

    We all know swimming pools and spas provide a world of fun — but we also know safety is paramount when selling, building, servicing and simply enjoying them, too. According to AQUA's 2015 State of the Industry survey, 96 percent of pool and spa builders said they discuss safety with clients.

    "We sell safety by building drainless pools to avoid suction entrapment," one respondent wrote.

    "We have a safety binder we go over with clients during orientation," another...

  • WAHC Opens Registration

    by AQUA Editors April 2016

    Registration has opened for the 2016 World Aquatic Health Conference. The three-day event, hosted by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, is taking place at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., October 19-21.

    This scientific and educational conference is offering participants an early registration rate of $445 and can save attendees as much as $150 when purchased between April 1 and May 31. A 2016 special is being...

  • Man Electrocuted, 6 Others Shocked in Palm Springs Pool

    by AQUA Editors March 2016

    On Sunday, a 43-year-old man died after being electrocuted in a residential swimming pool in Palm Springs. The man, identified as James Tramel of Burlingame, Calif., was trying to rescue his 9-year-old daughter from the pool, who remains in critical condition.

    As The Desert Sun reports, the 911 caller indicated people were “turning blue after...

  • Georgia Legislature Battles Over Pool Inspections

    by AQUA Editors March 2016

    Georgia’s State Senate recently passed a bill that allows operators and owners of commercial swimming pools to opt out of the state’s 36-point public health inspections.

    House Bill 219 is a watered down version of earlier legislation that would’ve all but eliminated public inspections of commercial pools in the state. The current bill gives a pass to townhouse, condo and subdivision pools that serve no more than 75 swimmers. Larger, busier pools remain subject to...

  • Walmart and CPSC Combat Drowning

    by AQUA Editors February 2016

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and retail giant Walmart announced in a joint statement Feb. 3rd they are partnering in an effort to stem the tide of fatal and non-fatal child drowning and suction entrapment accidents. The two organizations will work together...

  • VGB: Cracking The Code

    by Barrett Kilmer November 2015

    When President George W. Bush signed the Virginia Graeme Baker Act into law in 2007, the pool and spa industry gave itself a well-deserved pat on the back for its part in helping craft the bill. No longer would commercial pools and spas pose the suction-entrapment hazard that injured or killed a small-but-preventable number of people every year, including the namesake granddaughter of former Secretary of State James Baker, who drowned after becoming trapped on a hot tub drain in...

  • VGB's Legacy: Drainless Fiberglass Pools

    by Eric Herman November 2015

    December 19 will mark seven years since the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act — the most significant government regulation impacting the industry this century — was implemented. It's been a rocky road to compliance.

    The bill was met with considerable confusion and reluctance on the part of cash-strapped pool operators. The biggest gaff came in May 2011 when the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the agency in charge of VGB, audited all test lab reports, and found some...

  • Mermaid Fins: Pleasure or Peril?

    by Eric Herman July 2015

    Mermaid fins, a popular pool accouterment, were a hot topic at the annual Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel Conference in April.

    Although kids have taken to the slip on fins in a big way, officials in Alberta decided to establish a policy aimed at ensuring kids wearing the fins will do...

  • 9/11 Memorial Pools Evacuated Due to Chlorine Smell

    by Cailley Hammel May 2015

    photo of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum monument

    The National September 11 Memorial and Museum was evacuated Sunday afternoon for two hours due to a “hazardous materials situation” — which is fancy way of saying "a bad smell." 

    According to a