• Intermatic Safety Transformers Bring Value to Pool and Spa Applications

    by Intermatic March 2019

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    Installing a new backyard pool or spa is all about decisions. From the size and shape...

  • A Wave Worth Catching

    by Daniel Seeger March 2019

    There are unique challenges for young professionals in the pool and spa industry, which is why APSP helps them learn from each other.

    It's a common modern lament: The widespread interconnectivity facilitated by social media and other digital tools actually drives people further apart than ever before. Young people know how to make online connections and register likes with an efficient click, but they have less experience in establishing real, lasting relationships.

    As with...

  • Scott Webb Commentary: Economic Canaries Still Chirping

    by Scott Webb March 2019

    As a rule, I try to keep a weather eye on the general economy — it’s the single most important factor in how many pools and spas we sell. And sales affect everything we do.

    At the macro level, when the flow of goods and services starts to constrict, when confidence wanes, when the movement of cash and capital through the system starts to slow, we in the pool and spa business feel it first because we make the products people cut first. We are the canaries of the economic coal...

  • Ozone Generating Systems: The Facts

    by PHTA Recreational Water Quality Committee March 2019

    Ozone has become one of the pillars of pool and spa sanitizing. Today, ozone generators are commonly plumbed into circulation lines as a valuable assist to the sanitizer. These devices generate and inject ozone gas (O3) into swimming pool or spa water. They consist of two basic components, an ozone generator and an ozone management system. Commercial and residential systems differ in some respects, as detailed here:


    This component consists of an...

  • Getting the Gunk Out

    by Eric Herman March 2019

    Last month, we published a discussion about the murky subject of biofilm. I researched and wrote the story to fill in what...

  • What Would You Do: Storage Solutions

    by AQUA Editors March 2019

    Commercial property can be expensive, which leads some industry professionals to run their business out of their home. Storing materials, especially harmful chemicals, becomes a difficult task. What is the best storage solution? Industry pros share their insights:

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    Myles Mcmorrow

  • Customize Your Customer's Cleaner

    by Jamie Novak March 2019

    It's imperative small retailers create a unique experience for their customers — something they can't find anywhere else. Product customization is an excellent way to provide just that. It's a way for small business owners to differentiate themselves from their big-box and online competitors.

    For years, aquatic retailers have used this strategy when selling pool and spa water treatment packages — but why not use this same approach with a cleaning system? This level of customization,...

  • CMAHC Launches New Study on Air Quality at Public Pools

    by AQUA Editors March 2019

    The Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code is partnering with Purdue University and Michigan State University to conduct a study on indoor air quality at public pools.

    More specifically, the study will determine the exact operating conditions for indoor pools that will help prevent the buildup of disinfection byproducts. DBPs are formed when the chlorine used in pools to kill germs binds to the body waste swimmers bring into the pools (sweat, urine, etc.). When DBPs build up in...

  • Leak Detection and Home Inspection

    by Eric Herman March 2019

    Lance Anderson, president of Anderson Manufacturing, an innovator in the leak detection process for decades, has seen the industry segment evolve and grow over the years. Here, as a follow-up to last month’s AQUA feature on pool inspections for homebuyers, Anderson offers his thoughts on where leak detection leaks fits into the home inspection process and how a new technical innovation may offer a big assist.

    AQUA: How does leak detection factor into real estate...

  • What Makes a Good Distributor?

    by Abigail Carpenter March 2019

    Wholesale distributors play a critical role in the day-to-day function of the pool and spa industry. While retailers, builders and service technicians work the front lines, distributors are behind the curtain with the potential to make or break the end goal: customer satisfaction.

    But what makes a good distributor — and what should front-line businesses expect from the people that charge a healthy product markup in exchange for warehousing and product support?

    Renee Huston,...