• Recap: 2019 Pool & Spa Show

    by AQUA Editors February 2019

    Last week, industry professionals descended upon Atlantic City in droves, eager to take in the latest education and products from leading manufacturers. Here are just a few sights we saw on the show floor and beyond:

    Kyle and Justin Peek of DIY Network's "Pool Kings" led a packed seminar for members of the WAVE Young Professionals Network. Nearly 100 guests attended to listen to the Peeks discuss how to...

  • BioLab Acquires NC Brands

    by AQUA Editors January 2019

    KIK Custom Products, the parent company of BioLab, has acquired NC Brands, a leading provider of specialty chemicals and related pool and spa products. While industry acquisitions are increasingly common, the scale of this merger is significant: NC Brands rapidly expanded its portfolio over the last several years with the acquisitions of Red Leopard, SeaKlear, Natural Chemistry and Coral Seas.

    “The acquisition of NC Brands reflects our commitment to growing our pool business and...

  • Real Estate Pool Inspections

    by Eric Herman January 2019

    Pool are usually inspected for a specific reason. For example, it’s common to see inspections for overall safety, energy efficiency, structural integrity, surface issues, water quality or leaks. In these instances, the goal of an inspection is to identify specific problems in the pool system.

    Then there’s the other kind of inspection: those that take place as part of a real estate transaction, where the pool inspector’s job is to provide an overall “snapshot” of the pool’s...

  • Sutro Wins Recognition at CES

    by AQUA Editors January 2019

    Each year at CES, thousands of tech pros flock to Las Vegas to check out the latest and greatest in consumer technology. This year's show saw more than 4,500 exhibitors, including a few from the pool and spa industry, all vying to become the...

  • All Eyes on A.C.

    by AQUA Editors January 2019

    Winter is peak show season for industry pros, and one of the biggest shows of the year is near at hand: The Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City. The show, organized by the Northeast Spa and Pool Association, is expected to be as exciting as ever, with more than 100 seminars, 400+ exhibitors and 100,000 square feet of exhibit space — so be sure to pack some comfortable shoes, because you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

    The Pool & Spa Show has impressed attendees in recent years...

  • What Makes a Top-Notch Salesperson?

    by AQUA Editors January 2019

    Salespeople are the backbone of the pool and spa industry. Without sales, what is there to build or service?

    That said, every salesperson is different — think of a used car salesperson versus a Lexus salesperson. The goal is the same, but the path to getting there is quite different for both sides. The same is true of pool and spa sales: everyone does it a little differently.

    So what makes...

  • The Secret Life of Biofilm

    by Eric Herman January 2019

    Although most people in the industry have heard of it, few know the risks and mysteries of biofilm.

    Biofilm is almost everywhere. According to scientists who study it, wherever there's water, nutrients and a surface, biofilm is likely to form.

    It exists in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and oceans. It forms in all types of manmade water systems, from public utilities to factories, hospitals, dentist offices, dishwashers, cooling towers, washing machines, air conditioners and...

  • Big Goals, Small Goals

    by Daniel Seeger January 2019

    Setting goals one of the most fundamental parts of running a successful business — and it's an especially important tool for managing staff members. Beyond the obvious benefit of giving everyone in your company something to strive for, strategic goal setting is one the best ways to communicate your priorities. But there are also challenges in laying out goals for a whole organization. For example, there's the dilemma that has divided management gurus for ages: Should goals be so significant...

  • Honoring an Industry Stalwart

    by Eric Herman January 2019

    When Paulette Pitrak, a small woman with a giant personality, passed away in November 2016, the industry lost one of its most dogged proponents of quality education, volunteerism and effective government relations.

    To honor her memory and legacy, NESPA has dedicated the training room at the association’s headquarters in Hamilton, N.J., in her name. Now called the Paulette Pitrak Training Room, the hands-on educational space was extensively renovated with state-of-the-art...

  • 15 Lessons All Service Techs Learn in the Field

    by Steve Goodale January 2019

    As with anything, there's an impressive learning curve when it comes to the pool and spa industry. There's the technical side, like learning the nuances of water chemistry and the equipment pad, but there's also a host of lessons you simply won't learn in a classroom.

    That's where I come in. To better prepare up-and-coming service techs for the wild adventure that is pool service, I put together a list of just some things you'll come to learn on your route.