• Building an Email List in 2019

    by Chet Thornberry and Ken Massa January 2019

    You're most likely well aware of the basic email marketing concept. If you aren't, here's a simple, watered-down version: The goal of email marketing is to build a list of email addresses, including past, current and potential customers, which is used to send newsletters, discounts or general sales offers with a goal of gaining new business.

    Most of you already do that, which is great. But...that's just scratching the surface of what your email list can do. Here, we will share a...

  • How to Calculate Pool Volume Using Only Chemistry

    by Kim Skinner and Que Hales January 2019

    When measuring the volume of a pool, it's common to turn to calculations based on square footage and depth. That's a perfectly fine method...for pools that are traditionally shaped. However, when you encounter a pool that falls outside of the normal array of pool shapes, you can turn to a chemical method to measure volume.

    All you need is an alkalinity test kit, sodium bicarbonate or muriatic acid, and the formula. In short, this method involves adding a specific amount of acid or...

  • Creating a Sound Experience

    by Eric Herman January 2019

    Outdoor sound systems are fun. Whether you're playing Bach or the Beatles, hip-hop or country, incorporating sound adds an enjoyable dimension to almost any space.

    Like fire features, outdoor kitchens and lighting, sound systems are a natural fit for the backyard. However, they are often overlooked in the design process. MSE Audio, a maker of sound equipment for both indoors and outdoors, is taking on the professional aquatic/ landscape market with a host of products designed to...

  • A Holiday Homily: The Gift of Gratitude

    by Eric Herman December 2018

    What’s your favorite part of the holidays? Is it the chance to spend time with loved ones and shower them with presents, food and affection? Is it the religious and spiritual observances many value so deeply? Is it found in the traditions we observe, or simply the opportunity to take a break? 

    For my humble part, I appreciate and treasure all of those glad tidings, but there’s a facet of the holiday experience that I find of even greater significance. In a word, my favorite part of...

  • Effective Immediately: New Rules for the Industry

    by Steve Goodale December 2018

    One of the winners in Pleatco's Perfect Pool Guy/Gal Contest was none other than AQUA's own Steve Goodale, who was awarded the 2018 Industry Leadership Award. After taking home the prestigious honor, Goodale shared a few thoughts (or, rather, "rules") that he would like to propose as an industry leader. We...

  • Is the Customer Always Right?

    by Erik Eikevik December 2018

    Three years ago, I merged my father’s company with my grandfather’s nearly 70-year-old company, one of the oldest companies in the country. Both worked their entire lives in the pool and spa industry and so have I, starting at age eight, but the merger took place without either of them. Both passed away from cancer years ago; my grandfather when I was 18, and my dad when I was 30. You could say I learned everything about pools from them, and boy, did they know a lot. But I haven't been able...

  • Meet the 2018 Pleatco Perfect Pool Gal

    by AQUA Editors December 2018

    Like countless others, it was family ties that first led Andrea Nannini to the pool and spa industry. At 18 years old, she followed her mom to a pool service company as a way to make ends meet, but little did she know it would ultimately become a career — not to mention a career where she would rise to the...

  • Meet the 2018 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy

    by AQUA Editors December 2018

    Dick Abare embodies the "love what you do" mentality — even after an impressive 45 years in the pool and spa industry, he's nowhere near ready to quit. Abare owns Algae Busters, a Tampa, Fla.,-based service company with only three employees on the payroll: his wife, his brother and himself. While the company...

  • What Did You Learn This Last Year?

    by Tom Grandy December 2018

    Most of us have heard, "Do you have thirty years' experience or one year of experience repeated thirty times?" The other one we have heard is, "The definition of insanity is 'Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results!'" The point is the same in either case. Are we learning and changing?

    As the new year begins soon, it's important to reflect on our victories as well as our failures. What did the company do really well over the past year, and, just as...

  • Lower the Risk of Legionellosis

    by PHTA Recreational Water Quality Committee December 2018

    2017 saw a rash of Legionella outbreaks at public swimming pools and spas. In July, three members of a Gold's Gym in Kennewick, Wash., fell ill with Legionnaire's disease, a type of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. In May, the community pool and spa at Foothill Ranch in Lake Forest, Calif., closed...