• How to Keep Employees Motivated

    by Erik Taylor June 2018

    This regularly recurring column is brought to you by APSP’s Manufacturers Council, featuring hot issues impacting today’s industry, business insights and tips you can use to enhance your personal development and business success.

    There are few things that better affirm how your business is run than when someone from another company asks for a job because they’ve heard how well your employees are treated. If you’re worried your employees are starting to slack and lower the...

  • How Liquid Solar Covers Can Extend the Swim Season

    by AQUA Editors May 2018

    Water is a precious resource that we all must work to preserve. Taking steps to reduce evaporation conserves water in backyard pools by reducing how much water you need to add to "top off" a pool. One way you can do this is by recommending your customers add a liquid solar cover product to their pool maintenance program.

    Despite the name, liquid solar covers do not heat the pool themselves. (Technically, they're classified as "evaporation suppressants.") They do, however, prevent...

  • Looking Beyond National Drowning Prevention Month

    by Eric Herman May 2018

    It’s no secret the pool and spa industry has long had a problematic relationship with safety issues. On one hand, professionals and organizations consistently demonstrate their commitment to safety, especially drowning prevention, by way of their rhetoric, promotion of layers of protection and often by donating to organizations such as the National Drowning Prevention Association and others. On the other hand, there’s often an aversion to talking about safety with consumers.


  • Commercial Firms Expecting Lifeguard Shortage, Delayed Openings

    by AQUA Editors May 2018

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals expressed concern this week that many commercial pools and spas will be delayed in opening this summer season along the East Coast, especially in the Mid-Atlantic region, due to an unprecedented number of visa denials. Pools that will be impacted are those that supplement their American Lifeguard workforce by recruiting lifeguards internationally through the Summer Work and Travel Exchange Visitor Program. The swimming pool industry’s...

  • Millennials Tell it Like it Is

    by AQUA Editors May 2018

    In response to the above Facebook comment, service technician Ryan Barnett wrote the following:

    I'm 23 years old and I've been in this business for seven years.

    Here in South Florida, we're sweating out in the field 12 months out of the year. Not six like it is for pros in seasonal...

  • Why RV and Boat Sales are Booming in the Post-Recession Era

    by Bil Kennedy May 2018

    The residential pool and hot tub segments are fond of making comparisons with the RV industry. And in certain ways, they are similar: Both industries are big ticket discretionary purchases. Both rely to a certain extent on lifestyle enhancement to entice ownership. And the combined average price among all classes of recreational vehicles is somewhat equal to that of an inground pool, roughly $35,000.


  • How to Improve Your Customer’s Experience This Summer

    by Jamie Novak May 2018

    A swimming pool is a luxury item. Most people don’t NEED a pool in their backyard — they WANT one. We’re all aware of why people like pools: They allow us to make memories with family and friends. They’re used for fitness and summertime fun. So many of us are lucky to have cherished memories of time spent poolside with loved ones.

    What consumers don’t want to do is spend precious time laboring over their pool. Pool owners want a consistent program that works well and...

  • What Would You Do: The Key Conundrum

    by AQUA Editors May 2018

    A service tech is weighed down by too many keys. Is there a better method of keeping them organized? Industry pros share their insights:

    The Question:

    Katt Fedor
    K2 Swimming Pool Service and Repair | Fountain Hills, Ariz.

    "What does everyone...

  • Models of Consistency

    by Daniel Seeger May 2018

    As anyone who’s ever tried to work on pool and spa installations across a wide region can attest, the array of regulations that need to be followed can be maddening. The collection of different legal requirements and other guidelines can force installers to spend nearly as much time combing through law tomes as they do getting equipment into place.

    This is a hardship the government relations team of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals seeks to eliminate, or at least...

  • Service Report 2018: Rising Fortunes

    by Scott Webb May 2018

    For years, the service sector has enjoyed unique advantages over other sectors of the recreational water business, and those advantages remain in 2018.

    Unlike retail, which faces aggressive competition from outside the industry, and the builder segment, which is subject to the vagaries of new-pool demand, service is buoyed by a large installed base and consumers' ever-greater need to delegate work. Each year, more and more people are attracted to the idea of letting someone else...