• Hire employees who stay longer, complain less and produce more

    by Monica Wofford March 2008

    "Yes sir. I have a great deal of experience using Microsoft Excel. In fact, I created my resume using that program."

    The interview was going well. She had the look, spoke well, and Pat thought she would get along with the other team members. He missed the red flag about Excel (who would use a spread sheet to create a resume?) and hired her anyway. Her resume showed even more experience in the industry than he really thought she needed. Six months later with hours of...

  • Chemical Reactions

    by Amy Lillard September 2007

    GREEN ISN'T JUST A COLOR anymore. Green means products and services that are sustainable and safe for the environment and people. In the last few years, consumers have become more aware of the importance of green products, green buildings and even green investments. It's increasingly common for consumers to demand green products and services. New companies are springing up...

  • Ultraclean Machine

    by Marj Schultz September 2007

    Hospitals and fish farms know about its efficacy. The food industry, the beverage and bottled-water industry and the wastewater-treatment industry use it. And the pool industry is starting to see the light, too.

    That's ultraviolet light.

    Ultraviolet is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum with unique germicidal qualities, and it has been used for more than...

  • Cashing Out

    by Phillip M. Perry August 2007

    If you're like most retailers, you cherish your store with all the love a mother lavishes on her child. And you hate the idea of selling your "baby" to some stranger.

    Fact is, though, there are many reasons why you might reach a decision to "cash out." Maybe you're looking at retirement with an eye on the golf courses. Maybe your children don't feel like taking over the shop. Or maybe you'd like to take the cash you get from a sale and...

  • Cold Gold

    by Barrett Kilmer August 2007

    Much like those of us in magazine publishing, people in the pool chemical business work on a different schedule than the rest of the country. Most people are thinking of squeezing in a vacation before school starts up or planning pool parties during these dog days of summer. We're already thinking about winter around here, and so is Scott Newton, brand manager for...

  • Got Algae?

    by Karen Erstad July 2007

    Algae may be your nemesis, but you couldn't live without it. It is estimated that algae produce 73 to 87 percent of the net global production of oxygen. But it's still no good in pools.

    Pinpointing the exact cause of an algae bloom can be difficult, since, according to Terry Arko, technical products specialist at SeaKlear, there are many things that can contribute...

  • The Secret Lives of Winter Pool Covers

    by Becky Strauss June 2007

    With summer finally here, dealers and customers alike may not be thinking about winter pool covers. We here at AQUA, however, have our fingers on the pulse of the industry, and as winter covers across the snow belt came off in the last few months, it got us to thinking about their off-season: Where do winter covers hibernate in the summer. What does the...

  • Friction Lost

    by Kirstin Pires June 2007

    Efficiency is the new conservation. In the '80s, it was "conserve fuel, conserve power." Today, as all global resources are subject to more and more pressure, the watchword is "efficiency." It's about more than just using less energy; it's about using energy more wisely . And energy isn't the only resource that causes concern. Water use, emissions and...

  • Acing the Test

    by Karen Erstad June 2007

    Testing water seems like it should be quick and easy. You just dip a strip anywhere in the pool water and read, right? Wrong. If you're giving your customers the best service you can, you know it's not that simple. In fact, there are a number of critical factors to keep in mind as you test pool water, so with the help of a few industry experts,...

  • First Impressions

    by Marsha Lindquist May 2007

    In companies around the world, those in the reception role — whether it be an office receptionist, a greeter, an airport counter clerk, or any other front-line position — set the stage for how customers view their entire experience with the organization. In fact, in five seconds or less, that person's greeting, attitude and words will either prompt customers to investigate other options for their needs or will encourage them to stay and do business with...