• Q&A With Richard Nichols

    by Scott Webb May 2011

    photo of Paul PorterRichard NicholsOwnerGenie Pool & SpaSan Jose, Calif.

    Richard Nichols has been in the service business for decades, and served in several different industry organizations. He is currently director of IPSSA Region 10, which includes the bay area south of San Francisco.

    How does the service business look...

  • Q&A With Stewart Vernon

    by Scott Webb May 2011

    photo of Paul PorterStewart VernonPresidentAmerica's Swimming Pool CompanyMacon, Ga.

    Stewart Vernon founded America's Swimming Pool Company, a rapidly expanding swimming pool maintenance and repair franchise, which grew from a service business Vernon started in 2001. Since 2005, the company has expanded into 56 territories in the Southeast,

  • And The Winners Are ...

    by Karen Erstad May 2011

    Last February, AQUA asked its readers to respond to its annual State of the Industry Survey, the results of which were published in AQUA’s May issue.

    We want to say thank you to everyone who took the survey. Your input helps fellow pool and spa professionals steer their businesses on the best course, promoting the overall health of the industry.

    In return for your participation, we promised to award three Apple iPod touches, valued at $199 USD, and 50 AQUA t-shirts. The...

  • Working Smarter, Not Harder

    by Marj Schultz March 2011

    Automatic pool cleaners allow homeowners to spend more time enjoying their pools and less time cleaning them, and they allow service professionals to do their jobs more efficiently. They are a quintessential win-win.

    "I have customers that have them in their pools, and I think it's great," says Nick Falco, owner/operator of Aquaguard in Elmhurst, Ill. "It helps us out...

  • Strong Finish

    by Barrett Kilmer February 2011

    Fortunately, even though North Americans have been reluctant to buy new pools in a struggling economy, they still have some 6 million existing pools to take care of. With thousands of gallons of water in a hole in the backyard, even the fiscally cautious can see the logic of maintaining its structure and appearance.

    And when that fiscally conscious but proud home owner sees chipped paint,...

  • Service Industry Highlight

    by Jenna Danninger January 2011

    photo of Rich TarriconeQ: When did you start thinking the service industry might really be a career, instead of just a job for a few years? When did you start thinking long-term?

    When I started getting involved with NSPI (now you'd say APSP) and IPPSA and FSPA, that started making a big difference. First of all, the networking made a big difference - even in terms...

  • State and local pool and spa efficiency laws take shape under APSP-15

    by Scott Webb December 2010

    photo of capitol building, Washington D.C.Pool efficiency laws are ushering in a new age of pool equipment design for residential pools. Led by California's Title 20 and Title 24, and spreading to states such as Arizona and Florida and likely Texas once the biennial legislature convenes this summer, the movement is having a strong effect on the way the pool circulatory system is put...

  • While hot tub sales are down, business owner rely on service division to bring in income

    by Scott Webb November 2010

    In times of uncertainty, when sales of spas have not been as robust as in years past, dealerships rely more than ever on receipts from the service department. Spa people may not be willing to invest in new equipment, but they don't like to see their tub sitting idle due to a fried heater or poor water quality. So they'll pay a service fee.

    A key survival skill in this economy, then, is...

  • Should borates be the first chemical added to the pool?

    by Barrett Kilmer October 2010

    photo of Boron in periodic table of elementsCarbonates are the traditional buffering system used in swimming pools. They perform the vital task of keeping the pH from fluctuating, thus ensuring the water in the pool remains comfortable for bathers and doesn't attack the vessel that contains it. They've been doing it well for years, and their market penetration is,...

  • Eco-friendly approaches to clean pool water

    by Karen Erstad September 2010

    photo of green-treated poolIf all green products did was save our planet, they wouldn't be so darn popular. Fortunately for Mother Earth, eco-friendly practices can make fiscal sense, as well. In 2008, American consumers doubled their spending on sustainable products and services to an estimated $500 billion, according to a survey of more than a 1,000 people by Penn Schoen Berland...