Robert Lowry has released his latest book on water chemistry, titled “Pool Chemistry for Service Techs: For Residential Pools Only.” The 28-page handbook simplifies pool chemistry by reviewing common challenges and offering clear-cut solutions, as well as a variety of graphs, charts and illustrations.

“This handbook is a science based, logical, easy method of maintaining pool water chemistry using only basic chemicals — liquid chlorine or bleach, muriatic acid, bicarb, borate and air. You only have to make a few adjustments to what you are already doing,” Lowry says.

The book has already seen widespread success, with approximately 8,000 hard copies ordered from various organizations, including IPSSA, the National Plasterers Council and the Western Pool & Spa Show. It is available to the industry at large as a Kindle e-book in both English and Spanish.  

The e-book is available on Amazon.