If you don’t have an automatic pool cleaner, you may be forced to vacuum your pool manually. It takes a little more work, but you might find it therapeutic like I do.

This weekend, my friend Dave and I went into his backyard to film two new pool care videos. The first video was about shocking your swimming pool, which we posted up yesterday. Today, we edited and posted a video on vacuuming a pool.

When making this video, I tried to keep it as short and as simple as possible. I also included two ways on hooking up the vacuum: putting the hose directly into the suction hole and using a vac plate (there are so many names for this device: vac plate, skimmer plate, etc.).

I love doing these videos (even when it’s 100 degrees outside).

Please let me know what you think of the new video(s) and if they have helped you out in any way. I would love to get your feedback.