October is Awards of Excellence month at AQUA, our opportunity to show off fabulous pool and spa designs from builders across North America.

We set aside this time to focus on the devoted work of the artists whose creations took honors in APSP's annual Awards of Excellence contest. I use the word "artist" to describe the people who designed and built these pools, which may raise an eye from those who believe the term only applies to people who work in oils or bronze, but these projects are as visually intriguing and inviting as anything you're likely to see in a gallery in New York or San Francisco.

This month, lush pictures of these beautiful works of aquatic design will hang in our gallery. We invite you to wander through a display of this year's AOE bronze, silver and gold winners, starting with the Bronze winners in today's enews.

Take some time to explore the detail on these fine pieces. Look for ideas that inspire your imagination or practical layouts that you could use your own projects: Placements. Lines. Curves that come together in a way that delights the eye.

For we're all artists, and as the saying goes, good artists borrow, and great artists steal.

Scott Webb is Executive Editor of AQUA Magazine.