Scott Webb
Scott Webb has been with AQUA magazine in one capacity or another since April 2001; he now serves as executive editor. Scott has a degree from University of Cincinnati in Aerospace Engineering and lives in Madison, Wisc.
  • Thursday, October, 01, 2015 Awards of Excellence 2015: Tracing The Arc

    This month we announce the 2015 winners of the International Awards of Excellence. For many years, going back to the old NSPI days, APSP has taken the time and effort to recognize great pool and spa construction with the AOEs, and we at AQUA are excited to present this fine work on their behalf.

    We will release a series of slideshows throughout October, depicting all the winners, starting with the Bronze recipients and finishing with the Golds. I hope you take a little time to click...

  • Tuesday, September, 29, 2015 Game On: Top 10 Pool Games

    1. Marco Polo — Blind Man's Bluff in a pool. Named after a 13th century Italian explorer who, after months of shambling down the hot, dusty Silk Road, needed a refreshing dip more than anyone. No peeking!

    2. Pool Volleyball — Even more fun than regular volleyball because you stay cool and can dive without hurting yourself. Just watch out for that spike coming at your nose.

    3. Chicken Fight! — Bareback slap wrestling in...

  • Thursday, August, 27, 2015 At Last — The Fun Issue Is Here

    Likely coming in the mail today is an historic issue of AQUA Magazine — The Fun Issue.

    It is the first issue in the history of the industry to focus on the reason for its existence — the joy of pools and spas and the...

  • Thursday, August, 13, 2015 Solar & VSP: Better Together

    Utility bill savings are traditionally the No. 1 design imperative for pool pumps; we want them to consume less electricity from the grid and cause less air pollution. Two of the most successful movements on this front in recent years have been the development of solar pumps and variable speed pumps.

    Solar pumps rely on the sun instead of a power plant to move electrons and turn shafts, thereby lowering the cost of power, while the advent of variable speed pumping allows...

  • Thursday, July, 23, 2015 With Winter Pool Covers, End With the Start in Mind

    When forming a business model, most planners are urged to "start with the end in mind." But when it comes to pool covers, the best advice is to "end with the start in mind."

    That is, end the pool cover season in the springtime with the start of the fall closing and covering season firmly in your thoughts. It's a time for not just the physical care of the cover, but for tending the pool cover business as a whole if the fruits of the fall season are to be fully realized. Overall, the...

  • Tuesday, July, 21, 2015 A Current Affair

    Modern, high-end backyard pools have great aspirations — they want to be more than just a bowl of water. Some want features akin to a waterpark. They all want to look like a painting.

    The palette may include dozens of items — natural stone, decking, landscaping, coping, tile, firebowls, lighting, etc. — but rarely does the designer consider the look of the pool water itself. While the tile gleams and the water features trickle, the water in the pool remains as static as glass....

  • Thursday, July, 02, 2015 The Aquaduck Churns Ahead

    Like a duck, gliding on a quiet pond, we at AQUA have been serenely making our way through 2015 without undue wake. For all the world, the No. 1 pool and spa magazine on cruise control, effortlessly turning out great stories on retailing, building and service work.

    But when you look below the waterline, the duck is anything but serene. Its legs are churning furiously, reaching and grabbing the water in its little webbed feet and pushing it behind to drive the body forward. So it has...

  • Tuesday, June, 02, 2015 Sanitizing Choices

    The Southwest drought has focused our attention on the practice of draining pools. In some California counties it's flat-out illegal; in the rest of America, it's merely expensive.

    Just to recap the situation in bone-dry California, a growing list of municipalities have banned the practice of draining and refilling pools. Even where it remains legal, draining is frowned upon in a state that is now serious about its water supply. Pool water running down the sewer looks like wanton...

  • Thursday, May, 28, 2015 VIDEO: 2015 State of the Industry Report - Builder

    We're wrapping up SOI month on AQUA with the results of our builder survey. How did pool builders do over the last year? What's the best way to market your business? And what features are most popular among customers? All the answers and more are in this video.

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  • Tuesday, May, 26, 2015 2015 SOI Service Video: Meet Matt the Pool Guy

    In every State of the Industry survey, service pros tell us about the more enjoyable parts of an average day on the job. We used these nuggets to create the animated work day of Matt the Pool Guy, serviceman extraordinaire.