Cailley Hammel
Cailley joined the AQUA team in August 2012, and serves as the magazine's managing editor. She commonly writes about the hot tub industry, marketing and retailing. Follow her on Twitter @CailleyH or send her an email at
  • Thursday, September, 03, 2015 Hungry for Pool Floats

    For children and adults alike, pool floats are one of the most popular accessory items sold by retailers. How do we know? Because manufacturers are releasing more and more creative models every pool season.

    While pool floats come in just about every shape and size imaginable, there's one distinct trend that caught our eye — food-inspired floats, which offer an unexpected dose of whimsy to the backyard. Below, take a look at this buffet of pool float options. Trust us — they all look...

  • Tuesday, August, 11, 2015 7 Tips for Spa Cover and Lifter Sales

    When someone is considering a hot tub purchase, they're really focused on that lovely idea of relaxing in some steamy water. But as a retailer, it's your job to help your customers make the entire hot tub experience a relaxing one. In that respect, a hot tub cover or lifter is a priority. After all — how can a customer enjoy a hot tub after a wrestling match with a waterlogged cover?

    We asked spa cover and lifter manufacturers to pass along their best sales advice to retailers....

  • Wednesday, August, 05, 2015 SLIDESHOW: Pool House Rock

    As the outdoor room movement continues to blossom, outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos and pool houses are flourishing as well. For George Arp, owner of Seacoast Pool Design in Jupiter, Fla., they're especially popular in the high-end market he serves.

    "Coming off the recession, customers were really looking at bare bones installations, which just included a basic pool and/or spa and decking. But now, things are really opening up. Construction is gearing up again. So it just...

  • Thursday, July, 16, 2015 Luxe for Less

    An infinity edge. An all-tile surface. Laminar jets. A rainbow of LED lights. Everyone loves dazzling high-end features in their swimming pool, but beyond a small percentage of upscale clients, few can afford them.

    But who says the mid-range pool can't be uniquely stylish?

    From unique diving boards and vinyl liner patterns to modern rails and fountains, manufacturers these days offer a slew of products that make it easy to make a backyard poolscape beautiful without breaking...

  • Tuesday, July, 14, 2015 Millennials in Hot Water

    Erik deSonnaville can sell a hot tub in his sleep. And that's not a joke.

    "I literally sold a millennial at spa at 4 o' clock in the morning," he says. "Why it was 4 o' clock in the morning, I don't know, but that's when I got a message that said, 'We talked about it. We're going to do it.' I remember getting up in the morning, looking at my phone and going, 'Cool, I sold a spa in my sleep!'"

    Welcome to the millennial market. Loosely defined as those who were born between...

  • Thursday, June, 25, 2015 Swimming in Place, Seeing Success

    Swim spas — and the swim-in-place movement as a whole — are having a moment. Late last year, Marquis released its first swim spa model: the ATV, or Aquatic Training Vessel. And in March, Watkins Manufacturing announced it acquired Endless Pools, which produces swim spas, pools, swimming machines, aquatic treadmills and more. According to Watkins President Steve Hammock, the acquisition was a natural development for the company and the spa industry as a whole.

    {bglink 4959}"As we...

  • Thursday, June, 11, 2015 Sauna Selections: 2015 Roundup

    Looking for a new sauna line to add to your roster? Take a look at these great options.


  • Monday, June, 08, 2015 11 Tips for Better Sauna Sales
    There are 3 million saunas for 5 million people in Finland — that's a sauna in every household. While saunas haven't quite reached those numbers here in the U.S., manufacturers say sales are on the rise — so much so that they're back to pre-recession levels.

    Want to bring up your sauna sales? We went straight to the manufacturers and asked for their best advice. Here's what they...

  • Thursday, May, 21, 2015 A Fountain that Tells Time

    In the pages of AQUA, we’ve shown countless examples of what precise water work can do, from simple fountains to Vegas-style water shows synched to music. But this project at Japan’s Osaka Station takes that concept to a new level.

    The fountain resembles a large frame with water raining from the top. While this rain can drizzle, it can also instantly transform into a digital-style clock, words and even images like flowers and music notes. 

    So how does...

  • Monday, May, 18, 2015 9/11 Memorial Pools Evacuated Due to Chlorine Smell
    photo of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum monument

    The National September 11 Memorial and Museum was evacuated Sunday afternoon for two hours due to a “hazardous materials situation” — which is fancy way of saying "a bad smell." 

    According to a