Scott Webb
Scott Webb has been with AQUA magazine in one capacity or another since April 2001; he now serves as executive editor. Scott has a degree from University of Cincinnati in aerospace engineering and lives in Madison, Wisc. To get in touch, email him at
  • Tuesday, January, 20, 2015 Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products Could Taint Swimming Pools

    A new study from Purdue University has found a wide range of pharmaceuticals and chemicals from personal care products in swimming pools, possibly interacting with chlorine to produce disinfection byproducts with unknown properties and health effects.

    Traditional sanitization using chlorine is used primarily to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from growing. Previous research has shown that many constituents of urine including urea, uric acid, and amino acids, interact with chlorine...

  • Tuesday, January, 13, 2015 CPSA Reports Results of Study, Drought Efforts

    The California Pool and Spa Association has received results of a study commissioned to determine the economic impact of the pool and spa industry in California. John Norwood, CPSA president, has issued the following report which includes an assessment of efforts to represent industry interests in the face of California’s ongoing drought:

     “It’s the start of a new year for California, and even though it’s just beginning...

  • Thursday, January, 08, 2015 2015: A Chance To Exhale

    Scott WebbWith fireworks and a midnight kiss, 2015 dawns and we contemplate the gift of another year. Well, at least the gift of another minute — life offers no guarantees. Perhaps the closest thing to a sure bet here on earth is my amazingly accurate annual economic prediction.

    For several years running I’ve been dead right in forecasting a turtle’s pace for the...

  • Tuesday, December, 16, 2014 APSP/IHTA Works To Align Int'l Spa Standards

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP)/International Hot Tub Association (IHTA) has joined the European Portable Hot Tub Standards Harmonization Work Group, a standards task force spearheaded by the British and Irish and German hot tub associations. The alliance of national organizations will work together to harmonize global safety standards for portable hot tubs.

    Standards alignment is important because governments look to standards as the basis for their...

  • Tuesday, December, 09, 2014 Internet Sales Tax Push Set For Tomorrow

    Tomorrow, December 10, more than 200 state legislators will fan out across downtown Washington to push their federal counterparts to allow comprehensive online sales tax collections. 

    As part of the National Conference of State Legislatures, state senators and state representatives from across the U.S. will visit individual U.S. House and Senate offices, imploring congress to pass a bill to tax all Internet purchases, thereby leveling the playing field and eliminating the...

  • Thursday, December, 04, 2014 APSP And Canadians Form Alliance

    Yesterday, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada (PHTCC) announced an affiliation agreement at the Canadian Pool & Spa Conference & Expo in Toronto.

    APSP President and CEO Rich Gottwald and PHTCC Executive Director Robert Wood signed the historic agreement making a partnership to promote, advance and advocate the interests of the swimming pool, hot tub and spa industry across North America. 

    Under the...

  • Tuesday, November, 25, 2014 APSP Board of Directors Welcomes New Members

    Three new members of the Board of Directors have been appointed at APSP's Annual Meeting.

    Joining the Board of Directors are:

    Donna Williams, General Manager, Sales, Marketing and Product Management for Pool Corp

    Chris Curcio, President of Litehouse Products

    Maurizio Vozza, CEO/President/Owner of Nordic Products, Inc.

    These individuals join current Board Members: Jeff Fausett, CBP, Chairman; Rich Garbee, GLI Pool Products; April Nielsen, Lonza; Bob Blanda,...

  • Thursday, November, 13, 2014 Manufacturers Collaborate on Pool Cover Interface

    Pool Cover Specialists, a division of Latham Pool Products, and Hayward Pool Products, have just announced the release of the Hayward/PCS Pool Cover Interface. This new technology allows the integration of a Pool Cover Specialists automatic swimming pool cover into the Hayward OmniLogic and Hayward ProLogic  automation systems which can control all swimming pool functions, as well as other backyard features.

    Bruce Grogg, General Manager of Pool Cover Specialists, a division of...

  • Tuesday, November, 11, 2014 Filtering In The Drought
    graphic showing drought in the United States

    Our industry has suffered the impact of drought before, but in three crucial markets — California, Arizona and Texas — drought conditions have reached a new level of urgency for both government and the industry as a whole.

    Government is concerned for obvious reasons, but the pool industry has about 40 percent of...

  • Monday, November, 03, 2014 Expo Returns to Orlando

    Scott WebbTomorrow marks the first day of the 2014 PSP Expo. Thousands of builders, retailers and service people have ventured to the Sunshine State for the biggest pool and spa show of the year. It’s a fitting location.

    Last time we were here for Expo was 2007. As we arrived in Orlando that November, the economy was just sliding into recession, but at the time, no one had any...