Terry Arko
Terry Arko has more than 30 years of experience in the swimming pool and spa industry, working in service, repair, retail sales, chemical manufacturing, customer service, sales and product development. He is also a Certified Pool Operator and CPO Instructor through the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Arko is currently the recreational product specialist for NC Brands, the parent company of Natural Chemistry and SeaKlear.
  • Thursday, September, 16, 2010 It's time for traditional pool winterizing practices to evolve

    Any parent of small children knows that when you put your child to bed for the night, you will at some point need to check and make sure that they are settled and asleep. When you winterize a pool you are in a sense putting it to bed for the winter. However, most pool professionals put their pools to bed and forget about them until the next spring. In today's world, it might be wiser to check on the pool before it's time to wake it up in the spring - to avoid challenging pool...