Looking for a new spa cover or lifter system to carry? Check out the latest models below:

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Strong Spas
Strong Spas' Titan HardCover is able to last as long as its DURA-LAST cabinet and protects the spa while enhancing ease of use and appearance. The patent-pending Titan is molded hollow from durable resin that withstands harsh environments while providing energy-saving heat retention. Foam insulation within the resin walls protects the cover from moisture and chemical vapors. Titan HardCover systems open smoothly and easily with very little view obstruction. The new ULTRASTRONG CoverLift features hidden lift assist for easy open/close on even the company's largest spas. The Titan HardCover holds more than 1,000 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.
www.strongspasdealers.com | 1-800-STRONG-9



Hot Spring Spas
Hot Spring Spas pioneered the first rigid vinyl cover, creating a higher standard for energy efficiency. Each cover is UL classified for safety, custom fit for a tight seal and built with superior construction, including 24 points of internal reinforcement. A unique hinge seal provides added insulation where the cover hinges — the area most vulnerable to heat loss — and is standard on Highlife Collection covers. Patented cover lifters make spa access quick and easy.
www.hotspring.com | (800) 999-4688



Great Northern Hot Tubs
Great Northern's Roll-Up Covers are unique — they are the only rolling covers with full-size, vertical grain and hand-finished cedar slats permanently welded to UV-resistant, flexible, high R-value insulating foam that is waterproof and vapor proof, so it doesn't waterlog. Solid covers are often too cumbersome for one person to move, but Great Northern's covers can be easily rolled to the side by one person. All covers meet ASTM strength standards. All shapes and sizes can be custom made.
www.gnht.com | (763) 566-3623



Byron Originals
Ultralift, from Byron Originals, is your single SKU solution that offers patented slide mounting brackets and top, side or deck mount versatility to fit nearly any size spa, including swim spas. Optional items include hydraulic assist and undermount plate.
www.stepnstow.com | (800) 745-1472



The Cover Company
The Cover Company's hot tub covers are available in eight colors. Featuring double-stitched, marine-grade vinyl, each foam core is reinforced with a galvanized steel channel. Covers are custom made to your specifications and are available with a variety of upgrades and options. Quick ship times and competitive prices are available.
www.coverlon.com | (908) 707-1122



PDC Spas
AccuLok hot tub covers offer a 400-percent-improved water vapor barrier over traditional covers, the company says. With a plastic-sealed foam core and four times the water protection, an AccuLok cover resists water gain to stay lightweight and easy to use. The 7-inch seamless heat shield surrounds the spa to minimize heat loss and save on energy costs, even at the centerfold. Four locking tie-down straps hold the cover in place and tight to the spa cabinet. Backed by a seven-year warranty.
www.acculokhottubcovers.com | (888) 666-4011



Cover Valet
The Cover EX from Cover Valet helps remove covers with a surprising ease that will impress customers and undoubtedly lead to more soaks in the hot tub, the company says. Reinforced aluminum construction ensures that the EX will perform in any backyard environment and requires only 12 inches of operational clearance. Backed by a comprehensive five-year manufacturer's warranty.
www.covervalet.com | (800) 730-7727



Hot Tub Products
The VacuSeal cover/lifter increases spa energy efficiency and improves the ease of operation required by the user. The cover opens internally in one motion, eliminating the need to fold the cover in half first. A unique bottom hinge design coupled with a reverse pneumatic lifter mechanism results in the first system that actually vacuum seals the cover to the hot tub. A patented rear support bar also guarantees the cover to always return to its original position. As an added benefit, it easily converts into a canopy.
www.hottubproducts.com | (860) 469-2580



Auto Spa Cover
The ASC-2 Auto Spa Cover System utilizes a remote control for opening and closing the cover, making it easy for homeowners to use their cover, the company says. Specifically designed for those who have trouble lifting heavy spa covers, the ASC-2 opens automatically at the touch of a button.
www.autospacover.com | (805 )226-5030



Commercial Fabrics
Commercial Fabrics has produced high quality covers for hot tubs, spas and swim spas for more than 25 years. The company offers more than 3,000 templates for easy ordering, and custom covers can be created as well. These poly-wrapped foam core covers feature a galvanized steel insert to help provide excellent strength, as well as marine-grade vinyl skins in 12 colors, all of which resist mold, mildew and UV sun damage.
www.commercialfabrics.com | (800) 695-9438



A&B Accessories
The Easy Slider cover carrier makes taking a spa cover on and off easy! To use, the spa owner simply folds the cover once and glides it back. The friction of the cover opens the Easy Slider's arms. When the cover is pushed back onto the spa, the spring-loaded arms retract. With the Easy Slider, your customers can avoid lifting bulky covers and extend the life of their cover.
www.aandbaccessories.com | (800) 637-0609



Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers
The Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover is made to withstand the harshest elements and the toughest pets, making it a true safety cover, the company says. Covers are UL listed, meet ASTM safety standards and won't absorb water or buckle under heavy loads. Each cover is custom made with a variety of colors available.
www.be-lite.com | (707) 864-8919



Core Covers
New for 2015, Core Covers is offering its complete range of hot tub covers made with Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics, the No. 1 brand in outdoor fabrics. Covers come with a five-year warranty and are available in three stock colors. Not only are these covers durable, they're also 25 percent lighter in weight than traditional vinyl hot tub covers, the company says.
www.corecovers.com | (855) 763-7450



Merlin Industries
Merlin Industries provides spa owners with the luxury of choice with its custom spa covers. Merlin offers five different grades of spa covers including Ultra fiberglass reinforced covers and Thermo-light floating spa covers (see photo). All Merlin spa covers come in 13 different colors of marine-grade vinyl. Each cover is expertly designed and custom crafted for each spa. Every Merlin spa cover has heat seals to lock in heat and help lower operating costs.
www.merlinindustries.com | (800) 289-1836



Sunstar Spa Covers
Sunstar Spa Covers has manufactured quality hot tub covers for 38 years. The company supplies many of the largest hot tub manufacturers as well as dealers for aftermarket sales both nationwide and internationally. Shipping centers in California, Illinois and Massachusetts keep freight affordable for all. UL certified. Three year non-prorated warranty.
www.sunstarcovers.com | (800) 438-8677



Covana has added the Evolution model to its line of automated gazebos that cover hot tubs and swim spas. Covana Evolution is compatible with 7- to 8-foot square tubs; rectangular 8-by-9-foot tubs and 8-by-11-foot tubs; as well as round hot tubs up to 8 feet. Fully adjustable, the Evolution covers the entire hot tub surface and conforms to all safety standards. Providing ease of use with the simple turn of a key, Evolution offers maximum comfort, intimacy and durability. Optional add-on shades or screens are available for an extra bit of privacy.
www.covana.com | (877) 278-8010



Caldera Spas
Caldera custom fit spa covers and cover lifters offer pure comfort, performance and style and are designed exclusively for Caldera spas. Four cover lifters, ProLift ProLift II, ProLift III and ProfLift IV, enhance ease of use and extend cover life. The series offer consumers an option for most applications.
www.calderaspas.com | (800) 669-1881



SPAccessories offers the best value and highest quality spa and hot tub cover lifts in the industry, the company says. The Classic Lift is SPAccessories' most popular lift due to its innovative design, economical cost, universal fit and ease of installation. Can be mounted on all spas up to 99 inches. Optional brackets available for round spas and under-cabinet application.
www.888spalift.com | (888) SPA-LIFT



Spa Slip
Spa Slip is a decorative, protective slipcover that attaches to your insulating hard cover, giving it a second skin designed to extend the life of a hard cover. Spa Slip is an instant upgrade and transforms an eyesore into an attractive centerpiece of the backyard, the company says.
www.spaslip.com | (303) 441-5651



Leisure Concepts
Stylish and built to last, Smartop by Leisure Concepts provides your business a competitive edge by further differentiating your spas from those offered by other stores. Made of rigid, hard-shell polymer and Owens Corning non-water absorbing foam, Smartop is a visually and structurally superior cover that allows your business increased profit opportunity versus vinyl cover sales. Smartop's thermal seal system allows optimum heat retention throughout the life of the cover.
www.leisureconcepts.com | (800) 469-2428