• Design in Place: Desert

    by Eric Herman January 2018

    There's drama and an almost sculptural beauty in desert landscapes. Cacti, succulents and hearty brush plants cling to expansive flats, craggy mountains and deep arroyos struggle to draw and collect enough water to support life — all amid the intense heat, violent winds, blowing sand and intermittent cold that combine to form a forbidding but strangely delicate desert world.

    A pool placed here can be the most compelling of vessels found anywhere, both for its powerful aesthetics (as...

  • A 90-Foot Pool Cover From a Bird's Eye View

    by AQUA Editors January 2018

    This photo illustrates the usefulness of aerial photography. The pool below would look good from any angle, but the overhead view adds a unique perspective on this...

  • A Solution For Hilly Backyards

    by Eric Gohn January 2018

    When it comes to sloping, hilly backyards, pool builders are often limited in what they can offer to a homeowner in search of a pool. Consumers with big budgets are able to overcome the slopes in their backyard by building expensive retaining walls and bringing in heavy equipment.

    But for the mid-range homeowner living on challenging terrain that wants a swimming pool, earth-moving may not be in the budget.

    In this situation, pool builders typically sell and install a nice...

  • Fox Pool Corporation Celebrates 60th Anniversary

    by AQUA Editors January 2018

    Fox Pool Corporation celebrated its 60th anniversary this month by bringing 138 pool builders to Key Largo, Fla. The event included a presentation of new product innovations, socializing and an awards banquet.

    In a highlight of the evening, Pettis Pools took home an honor to celebrate its 55 years of business. Based in Rochester, N.Y., Pettis Pools currently boasts two retail stores, 70 employees and two generations of owners. Founders Erma and Larry Pettis were both teachers...

  • Make “About Us” About You

    by Alice Cunningham January 2018

    One of the most popular pages on most websites is the “About Us” page. Research shows visitors typically click those first. Why? People want to know something about a company before doing business with it. I sure you look at "About Us" pages too when you’re shopping.

    Many hot tub companies miss this opportunity to make a meaningful connection. Often, you’ll just see bland lines like “Here at ABC Hot Tubs, we’re really great people, we love our customers and we’ve been in business...

  • This Airport Takes a Swimming Approach for its VIPs

    by Kathryn Howard January 2018

    When you're going to the airport, you can always count on seeing a few things: a humdrum newsstand; bland, yet overpriced food and drinks; and stressed-out passengers.

    Travelers passing through the Dominican Republic, however, can enjoy a far more luxurious experience: swimming on the airport's...

  • WAHC 2018 Dates Announced

    by AQUA Editors January 2018

    Organizers of the World Aquatic Health Conference invite industry pros to save the date for this year’s event: October 10-12 at the Charleston Marriott in Charleston, S.C.

    The WAHC is an educational conference designed to help aquatic industry professionals discuss, learn and network with like-minded people. Each year, attendees report having gained new information and valuable connections that directly benefit their field of...

  • Cauldron Hot Tubs: Old World Charm for the Modern Age

    by Kathryn Howard January 2018

    It's one of the most imaginative designs in the history of pre-manufactured spas – something that evokes films and cartoons and magic — and by the designer's admission, it came straight out of Hollywood:

    "It came out of those old movies from Abbott and Costello where the cannibals boil the...

  • Boost Your Net Income

    by Erik Taylor January 2018

    Have you ever heard that phrase, "Time is Money?" Yeah, I have too. We all know what that means, but do we actually apply it in our pool businesses? If not, we are leaving money on the table, plain and simple. If you are not as time efficient as you would like, then read along and see if you can't save some time and make more money!

    Below we'll work through a few scenarios and see potentially how many pools a day poor time management is costing your company. For easy math we'll use...

  • Simple Control Solutions for Simple Pools

    by Eric Herman January 2018

    Pools built 20 or more years ago still number in the millions and many, if not most, still rely on the most elementary systems — a pump and filter, perhaps a heater and a light. There might be an automatic pool cleaner for convenience or deck-mounted slide for panache, but the simple pool remains the foundation of the industry.

    The prevalence and importance of the "simple system" is not lost on service professionals who tend to the needs of aging systems. As an example, Steven Ward...