• How to Manage a Challenging Hire

    by Erik Taylor October 2018

    Hiring and training new employees isn’t a black-and-white process — in fact, there’s quite a bit of gray area. That’s because there’s a lot of emotion and opinion involved, and everyone approaches it differently.

    For example: What do you consider satisfactory job performance? How much time do you think is required to properly train an employee? How long should it take before a new hire “gets it”?

    And what would you consider to be poor performance and/or unsatisfactory...

  • 2018 Awards of Excellence Winners: Silver

    by AQUA Editors October 2018

    Last week we kicked off our monthlong celebration of the Awards of Excellence with a look at the impressive lineup of projects in the Bronze-winning category. Now, we're moving on to the Silver award winners.

    This week you'll find projects than range from simply sensational to the sensationally simple, some with geometric borders and others with craftily coped edges. Fire effects, luxe lighting and fantastic homes frame the work, all of which earned the second-highest accolade the...

  • An Experiment in Energy Efficiency

    by Eric Herman October 2018

    It's no secret that variable-speed pumps have become the primary means for increasing energy efficiency in pools. Since their introduction in the early 2000s, the technology has become widely accepted at all...

  • The Art of Construction

    by Eric Herman October 2018

    Over my many years writing about the pool and spa industry, I’ve witnessed scores of pools in the installation and renovation process. It’s a process that never ceases to amaze me.

    I’ve seen pools built outdoors and indoors, in high-rises and tiny backyards, on large estates, cantilevered off the sides of mountains, by the ocean, in the desert, in lavish resorts and middleclass homes. Every pool is different from the last, every client has his or her own particular wish lists and...

  • Rock on the Wild Side

    by Barrett Kilmer October 2018

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    "There are many reasons why I use Pentair, and the way it all works so well with the


  • Covers Go Custom

    by Eric Herman October 2018

    The advantages of automatic pool covers are well documented. From safety to increased heating efficiency, ease of service, aesthetics and convenient operation, owners of both high-end and middleclass pools are opting for automatic covers in greater numbers.

    Complicating matters for auto cover manufacturers, however, is increasing customer interest in customized pools, pushing manufacturers to create covers than can cooperate with the myriad features that can be found in today's...

  • A Long Way Down!

    by Eric Herman October 2018

    It's claimed to be the tallest man-made waterfall in the world. Flowing 108 meters (350 feet) down the glass exterior of the Liebian International Building in Guiyang, China, capital of Guizhou province, the waterfall measures about three meters taller than the previous record holder, the falls at the Solar City Tower in Rio de Janeiro.

    Built by Ludi Industry Group, the waterfall system draws recycled water from reservoir tanks located in the building's basement. It is then...

  • 'Million Dollar Pool Design' Finalists Announced

    by AQUA Editors October 2018

    Organizers of the International Pool |Spa | Patio Expo recently announced five finalists for the Million Dollar Pool Challenge. The competition is designed to give pool and landscape designers, builders and outdoor living architects chance to design a project without the typical budgetary restraints.

    Entrants were asked to create the ultimate oasis for a fictional couple with conflicting priorities like those often found in the real world.

    “We are absolutely thrilled with...

  • 2018 Awards of Excellence Winners: Bronze

    by AQUA Editors October 2018

    Every year, the Awards of Excellence program recognizes the most beautiful, creative and ingeniously engineered projects in the pool and spa industry. We'll be revealing them all month long leading up to the PSP Expo, starting with the bronze winners.

    And as always, there's still one big prize to be decided: The Fan Favorite award. Head over to and cast your vote between now and Oct. 26. The winner will be...

  • Free to Soar

    by Abigail Carpenter October 2018

    While on a family vacation, Morgan Hartman, who was born with cognitive and physical disabilities, went to engage with children in a hotel swimming pool. At the time, she was 12 years old but had the cognitive capability of a young child. She approached...