• Fountain Man

    by Barrett Kilmer September 2007

    Last we heard from Bill Goddard, owner of Goddard Construction Services in Woodbridge, Calif., he and his crew were putting the finishing touches on a 6,000-square-foot gunite swimming pond (!) for a client with a 4.2-acre estate in Stockton, Calif., about an hour east of the San Francisco Bay area.

    But Goddard's work on the estate wasn't finished. The client, who Goddard...

  • Cashing Out

    by Phillip M. Perry August 2007

    If you're like most retailers, you cherish your store with all the love a mother lavishes on her child. And you hate the idea of selling your "baby" to some stranger.

    Fact is, though, there are many reasons why you might reach a decision to "cash out." Maybe you're looking at retirement with an eye on the golf courses. Maybe your children don't feel like taking over the shop. Or maybe you'd like to take the cash you get from a sale and...

  • Hydraulic Masterpiece

    by Karen Erstad August 2007

    What makes this poolscape so complex is all the multiple elevations of vanishing-edge water spilling into each other," says Paulo Benedetti, principal at Aquatic Technologies in Morgan Hill, Calif. In creating this watershape in nearby Gilroy, which overlooks the Santa Clara Valley, Benedetti had only one request from the homeowner: "He...

  • The Age of Fiberglass

    by Jenna Danninger August 2007

    It's nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact moment when the world became "aware" of the fiberglass pool. Different sources provide their own historical interpretations, but they all lead to the same conclusion: the fiberglass pool industry has exploded and is well on its way to becoming a leader of change within the market.


  • Aquamarine Dream

    by Karen Erstad July 2007

    There's one kind of callback pool builders do like to get. It's the call from customers who want you to build them another pool. Whether the clients have moved or are building their dream vacation home, you gave them just what they wanted the first time, so they turn to you to deliver just the right pool again. Such was the case with this project, which offers...

  • The Edgiest Edge

    by Kirstin Pires July 2007

    For most builders, the art of the infinity pool is in engineering of vanishing edge so that it — and the vessel of which it is part — go unnoticed, deferring to the water it contains. Viewers perceive the water, but not the vessel that gives it shape. But for David Knox, the edge where water in transit leaves the pool is an exciting canvas for his extraordinary...

  • Operation Re-Creation

    by Barrett Kilmer July 2007

    When customers consider renovating an out-of-date pool, they're usually pretty unclear about what they're looking for. Say their old pool's just painted plaster with red brick coping and a simple concrete deck. You know the type — kidney-shaped, vintage 1970s. The clients may not know exactly how they want it to look after the facelift, but words like...

  • Friction Lost

    by Kirstin Pires June 2007

    Efficiency is the new conservation. In the '80s, it was "conserve fuel, conserve power." Today, as all global resources are subject to more and more pressure, the watchword is "efficiency." It's about more than just using less energy; it's about using energy more wisely . And energy isn't the only resource that causes concern. Water use, emissions and...

  • Perfect Balance

    by Karen Erstad June 2007

    What we do is show clients our portfolio. We have a huge portfolio — it's like a wedding album," says Shawn Heslin, senior designer at Artisan Pools/Chux Landscaping, in describing how the Pine Brook, N.J., builder works with clients at the beginning of the design process. "We also have them fill out a questionnaire sheet, because a lot of times you'll...

  • Tips from the Top

    by Becky Strauss May 2007

    Bill Renter knows vinyl. Owner of the Deck and Patio Company, a landscape design/build firm as well as a custom vinyl-liner pool business, in Huntington Station, N.Y., his pool and landscaping projects grace the backyards of many Long Island residents, as well as the pages of the AQUA Choice Awards winner's issue; his own backyard pool won the vinyl-liner category for...