• Its Own Stratosphere

    by Karen Erstad July 2005

    While the backyard as a mini-resort may no longer be an uncommon concept, it is rare to find a backyard poolscape that truly resembles the type of setting you'd find at a posh resort. But this residential project in Jupiter, Fla., does — and that's exactly what the homeowners wanted.

    Built by The Pool Professionals, also in Jupiter, these two pools are...

  • Sunning In The Schoharie

    by Karen Erstad June 2005

    Perched atop a verdant hill, this vinyl-liner pool by Concord Pools overlooks the Schoharie Valley in upstate New York. At first glance, the poolscape might seem ripe for a vanishing edge, but Michael Giovanone, president of the Latham, N.Y., builder said the site was not right. “They wouldn’t get the effect of a negative edge because the house is looking...

  • Watery Retreats

    by Emily Fuger June 2005

    Whether it’s a bronze fish spouting water or a man-made meandering creek, water features can add zest to an otherwise commonplace project, and they can be so much more than a simple sheet waterfall or laminar jet.

    The following four projects are examples of how one builder is creating unique poolscapes designed to seamlessly incorporate spectacular water features. From amazing vanishing edges to an air pump that pushes columns of bubbles that rise 12 feet to the surface of the...

  • Surface Deep

    by Kirstin Pires May 2005

    Water's ability to instantly devastate and destroy both natural and built environments was emphatically demonstrated to the world when the now infamous December 2004 tsunami sent the Indian Ocean ashore in Indonesia and much of South Asia. But water can alter seemingly invulnerable substances and structures in a more subtle and patient way. Gradually and relentlessly over...

  • The Solar Equation

    by Scott Webb May 2005

    It's nice, feeling green. When customers buy solar pool heaters, part of their motivation is a conviction that they're doing their bit for cleaner, healthier air. Perhaps alongside that is the justifiably superior feeling of helping to reduce our nation's dependence on the vagaries of the Middle East.

    But the determining factor is almost always the monetary one,...

  • Spa Treatment

    by Karen Erstad May 2005

    Tucked into a backyard in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains, this 11-by-50-foot pool was just one part of a major home remodeling project, says Teresa Rosano, principal architect at Ibarra Rosano Design Architects of Tucson, Ariz. "Originally, there was a kidney bean shaped pool and there was paving all the way around it. There was nothing living at all in the...

  • Automatic Advantage

    by Kirstin Pires April 2005

    If you're looking for a manually operated television set with knobs and dials rather than a remote control, "Antiques Roadshow" is probably your best bet. Cars with remote-entry keys, coffee shops with WiFi Internet access and cell phones with built-in cameras are all commonplace, these days. Automated pool and hot tub controls are no longer out of reach for most...

  • AQUA E-News Profile Management Center

    by AQUA Editors April 2005

  • Out On An Edge

    by Kirstin Pires March 2005

    Remember the first time you saw a pool with a vanishing edge. It was probably near a natural body of water, and it probably was designed to make the pool look like it flowed right into the lake, bay or ocean beyond. Or the pool may have been on a hillside or mountainside, sited to appear as if the edge of the pool was the edge of the earth. Either way, it was breathtaking...

  • Don't Fence Me In

    by Karen Erstad March 2005

    The only good pool is a safe one. Unfortunately, not every safe, fenced-in pool setting is attractive. But safety and beauty don't have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to poolscapes. Codes and covenants must be followed, but much can be done to diminish the effects of aesthetically unappealing fences or barriers.

    "Quite often the main solution for making...