• Beautiful vinyl-liner pool projects

    by Jenna Danninger March 2008

     Forget Botox. Package pools are getting a facelift without the injections and expensive procedures. With the all-new look of package pools amounting to an "extreme makeover," it's sure to turn heads and raise curiosity.

    "It's coming down to aesthetics," says Phil Della Pietro, director of construction at the Pool and Spa Doctor in Wall...

  • Pool and spa safety regulations could mean more visits from building inspector

    by Kirstin Pires March 2008

    Photo of Kirstin PiresDo you even know who he or she is? If you're a pool builder and have been enjoying relatively little oversight from state or local government, you might want to spend some quality time with the newest ANSI/APSP standards.

    With the passage of The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007, there's more incentive than ever for states...

  • Pool and spa project in Castle Rock, Colo.

    by Jenna Danninger March 2008

    When Hydro-Dynamic Services was asked by the publisher of a local architecture and design magazine to design a waterscape to match her contemporary- styled home in Castle Rock, Colo., “We proposed a pool/spa with clean lines, multiple levels and dramatic water effects,” says member Dave Bryant.

    The project features an elevated “mirror box” spa, a pool with an infinity...

  • Prairie Style

    by Karen Erstad September 2007


    Set on a 150-acre estate overlooking a prairie, this poolscape in Hampton, Minn., is as tranquil as the natural scene around it. And that was the goal, says Jerry Kalin, owner of Olympic Pools in nearby Shakopee. "They wanted something that looked more like a pond than a traditional pool," adds Kalin. "They told the landscape architect they...

  • School of Rock

    by Barrett Kilmer September 2007

    For the last quarter century, builders and industry suppliers have been working to strengthen and beautify pool plaster by adding aggregates like rock, quartz and graded marble to the matrix that's applied to cement pools. Plain plaster, once the only choice for homeowners, has been losing share to these products, which manufacturers say are...

  • Fountain Man

    by Barrett Kilmer September 2007

    Last we heard from Bill Goddard, owner of Goddard Construction Services in Woodbridge, Calif., he and his crew were putting the finishing touches on a 6,000-square-foot gunite swimming pond (!) for a client with a 4.2-acre estate in Stockton, Calif., about an hour east of the San Francisco Bay area.

    But Goddard's work on the estate wasn't finished. The client, who Goddard...

  • The Age of Fiberglass

    by Jenna Danninger August 2007

    It's nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact moment when the world became "aware" of the fiberglass pool. Different sources provide their own historical interpretations, but they all lead to the same conclusion: the fiberglass pool industry has exploded and is well on its way to becoming a leader of change within the market.


  • Cashing Out

    by Phillip M. Perry August 2007

    If you're like most retailers, you cherish your store with all the love a mother lavishes on her child. And you hate the idea of selling your "baby" to some stranger.

    Fact is, though, there are many reasons why you might reach a decision to "cash out." Maybe you're looking at retirement with an eye on the golf courses. Maybe your children don't feel like taking over the shop. Or maybe you'd like to take the cash you get from a sale and...

  • Hydraulic Masterpiece

    by Karen Erstad August 2007

    What makes this poolscape so complex is all the multiple elevations of vanishing-edge water spilling into each other," says Paulo Benedetti, principal at Aquatic Technologies in Morgan Hill, Calif. In creating this watershape in nearby Gilroy, which overlooks the Santa Clara Valley, Benedetti had only one request from the homeowner: "He...

  • Aquamarine Dream

    by Karen Erstad July 2007

    There's one kind of callback pool builders do like to get. It's the call from customers who want you to build them another pool. Whether the clients have moved or are building their dream vacation home, you gave them just what they wanted the first time, so they turn to you to deliver just the right pool again. Such was the case with this project, which offers...