• Ponder This

    by Kirstin Pires July 2004

    The clients have disposable income. They are spending more time living in their backyards and want to make it even more enjoyable by adding water. They expect the planning and design process to be collaborative and they want their contractor to really listen to what they want — and what they want may or may not be realistic.

    They probably don't want to get...

  • Garden Revival

    by Karen Erstad July 2004

    Some gardens are are for planting flowers. Others are for meditating. This space, designed and built to resemble a section of the immense park-like gardens at Versailles, is for family fun and entertainment.

    The Nashville, Tenn., homeowners wanted an attractive space for this purpose, and landscape architect Mary Palmer Dargan designed a balanced, symmetrical and...

  • What's The Plan?

    by David Cohn June 2004

    So you realize that you need a buy/sell agreement. You want to make sure that your spa and pool business carries on to your second and third generations without any hitches. That's a noble gesture, but have you done all the prep work necessary to draft a useful buy/sell. If creating a buy/sell agreement is like writing a novel, then most businesses write just the final chapter and hope that the foregoing chapters will just be understood. In other words, partners...

  • Sharper Image

    by Karen Erstad May 2004

    Clean, uncluttered design — a major tenet of the increasingly popular feng shui school of design — continues to make headway in the pool and spa industry.

    For this project, Kevin Rondeau, director of sales and marketing at Rondo Pools in Phoenix, says the homeowner wanted "the whole project to look like a piece of art," and so the builder...

  • The Future Looks Bright

    by Kirstin Pires May 2004

    If you told your customers that you could eliminate 10 years worth of heating bills, do you think that would bring them into your store. Solar pool heating does just that and it has other appealing attributes as well: It displaces the use of dwindling fossil fuel resources, it's 100 percent pollution-free and reliably delivers a high rate of customer...

  • Enthusiastic For Plastic

    by Emily Fuger April 2004

    Not so many years ago, customers who wanted a vanishinge-dge pool had to go with gunite. Today, this is certainly not the case.

    According to Michael A. Giovanone, president of Latham, N.Y.-based Concord Pools, vinyl-liner pools can now fit the bill as well. "I have a tongue-incheek comment that years ago you could buy any shaped vinyl-liner pool that you wanted...

  • ShastaCAD

    by Reid Creager April 2004

    Ten years ago, the people at Shasta Pools & Spas had a growing problem: Business was so good, there almost wasn't enough time to get it done.

    This seemingly pleasant quandary had unpleasant consequences — it was getting harder to get jobs processed to construction on time and employees suffered increasingly from growing workloads. So necessity became the...

  • Match Game

    by Karen Erstad April 2004

    It's hard to imagine a car without air conditioning, a kitchen without a microwave or a TV without a remote. And does anyone still use a typewriter?

    In so many big and small ways technology has changed the way we live. More things are digital. More are automated. Why? That's simple. These advances are appealing, sometimes require less energy (ours and that from the...

  • Form Following Faith

    by Karen Erstad March 2004

    Few homeowners give their pool builder a big clay model of the design they want. That's probably because there are few homeowners in the United States who build their dwellings in accordance with the design rules called sthapatya veda. But these homeowners live in Vedic City, Iowa, a town founded by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and populated by followers of the...

  • Balancing Act - Less is more in this Southern California watershape

    by Karen Erstad February 2004

    Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, one of the most important architects of the 20th century, created a style defined by extreme clarity and simplicity and was known for his use of the aphorism “ less is more.” This is what beautiful pool design is moving toward. This is why this concrete pool and spa by Verdant Custom Outdoors is an AQUA Choice Award winner. This poolscape doesn’t flaunt every feature modern pools can be outfitted with, but instead brings together the ideal...