• Guided by the "Why"

    by Eric Herman December 2017

    Is it time to discard the idea that nothing changes in the pool construction industry?

    Mike Giovanone, president of Concord Pools and Spas (Latham, N.Y.), is among those who believe the industry has entered a period of profound transformation. "Our industry has changed more in the last two years than it has in the last 20," he says. "It might sound surprising to some people, but in many ways, it's never been easier to sell a pool."

    The reasons for that optimistic assessment,...

  • NESPA Names New Executive Director

    by AQUA Editors December 2017

    After a months-long search, NESPA announces its new executive director: Dominick Mondi.

    Currently, Mondi serves as president of the Associated Building Contractors, New Jersey Chapter, and previously held the position of executive director of the New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association. He began his career as a landscape...

  • SURVEY: How Does Your Company Embrace the Holiday Spirit?

    by AQUA Editors December 2017

    It's December, which means Christmas is just days away. While we're all thinking about what to give to friends and family, business owners often think of what they can do as a company for their employees and the community at large.

    Do you organize a toy drive for Christmas? Collect donations?

    Do you give your employees a holiday bonus? Take them all out to the movies for the afternoon?

    We want to know what you do to keep the spirit bright. Tell us in this quick...

  • 3  Mistakes That Are Costing You Sales

    by Leon Rawitz November 2017

    In my previous AQUA Magazine article, I concluded after 20+ retail store visits in South Florida, Northern California and Phoenix, Ariz., that we were making it too easy for our valued customers to do business with online competitors. The reasons cited were:

    • Limited weekend hours on the most popular days for pool maintenance. Twenty percent of the visited stores had reduced Saturday hours (some
  • How Can P/S Pros Establish Legitimacy?

    by Eric Herman November 2017

    There's really no arguing with the simple truth that training and education are the keys to growing a business and the industry as a whole, and that resulting certification and/or licensing is one of the best ways to establish professional legitimacy in the mind of the consumer.

    Still, there's more to the question of establishing legitimacy. The fact is, the industry can have all the training and certification imaginable, but if the general public doesn't recognize those programs...

  • Sponsored Video: Don’t Pay for Financing!

    by AQUA Editors November 2017

    At HFS Financial, we focus exclusively on making it easier for homeowners to make their backyard dreams a reality by providing loans for pools, outdoor kitchens, sunrooms and more.

    Are you looking to reach more customers and grow sales? Partnering with HFS Financial may be the answer.

    We have quick and easy dealer signup — no minimum volume requirements, no personal/business credit checks and no-cost financing for...

  • This Shed Transforms into an Amazing Barbecue Setup

    by Kathryn Howard November 2017

    Badger, a centuries-old beer line in Great Britain, built the ultimate barbecue shed for one of its customers.

    The shed looks like an ordinary garden shed when it's all put together, but open it up and you'll find everything required for a successful barbecue: a state-of-the-art...

  • A Different Take on Traditional Marketing

    by Kevin Woodhurst November 2017

    In my last blog post, I discussed business development and how, at the core, it’s really people development. This time around, we’ll look at how focusing on the human side of your operation directly impacts marketing.

    As we know, marketing is all about developing new opportunities, attracting new clients and amplifying messages that keep...

  • Crazy Customers, Vol. II

    by AQUA Editors November 2017

    Last year, Merry Wise, longtime industry pro and friend of AQUA Magazine, wrote a story about the craziest customers she's ever experienced on the job. From lions and armadillos to a goth-inspired pool proposal, she's had quite a few wild customers on her hands.

    After the story ran, we had readers email us and reach out on Facebook with stories of their own.


  • ​Wanted: The Next Generation of P/S Pros

    by AQUA Editors November 2017

    As a large portion of our industry is thinking ahead to retirement, pressing questions are emerging across all three segments of the industry: How do we draw young people to our industry — especially in the service and construction fields? Where can we find people willing to sell pools and spas? With fewer young people interested in taking over the family business, how is succession being carried out today?

    We want to find out. We’re dedicating a future issue to the next...