Like thousands of service company owners across the nation, Michael Miller runs his business offering pool service, repair, renovation and retail, all week long. Miller Pools in Pasadena, Texas, services about 750 pools weekly, has three repair trucks, 13 service trucks, a retail store and showroom, and employs 33 full-time employees. He is also president of APSP's Houston chapter.

Five days a week, he's a busy pool guy. But on the sixth day, Michael Miller steps away from his daily routine to host his own talk show, Backyard Bay, answering pool and spa related questions from callers and promoting the great outdoor lifestyle that comes with pool ownership.

The show first aired in August 2001 as a forum for pool owners looking to solve problems and maximize the joy and pride of pool ownership. Miller was an initial sponsor who believed in the concept and was brought in as a co-host when the show first aired. He purchased the show in 2011, and now as a solo host he broadcasts from his studio at his home.

The station estimates it reaches about 4,000 pool owners in the Houston area and countless others online.

"It's a promotion for our industry," Miller says. "Whether you're a sponsor or not, it benefits everyone in the industry and our customers. We focus on the positive, never on the negative and answer callers' questions about all aspects of pool maintenance, water chemistry and repairs. They ask questions about their pumps and filters and heaters. They also ask for advice about building a pool or remodeling their pools. They ask 'Do I want a spa?', 'Should I have a water feature?', 'How much deck area do I need?'"

Miller is passionate about not only the pool and spa experience but also the importance of homeowners being informed so they can make wise purchasing decisions and effectively maintain their pools. "The motto for the show is we want to save you time, we want to save you money and we don't want you to ever be frustrated with anything that has to do with your swimming pool."

The hope that his listeners will enjoy their pools more and take pride in them continues to inspire him each time he goes on the air. "It comes back to the feeling that we have in our business of taking a pool that's a mess and turning it into something beautiful," he says. "Despite what some people think, pools are not difficult to maintain if you have the right information. I love the idea that someone comes home from a hard day at work and the first thing they want to do is look at their pool. They're proud of owning a pool and it makes them happy. That's why we do the show."

Eric Herman is Senior Editor of AQUA Magazine.