photo of gin on ice with limes It was a drink order like you wouldn’t believe. Truly the stuff of legend.

In August 1982 in West Bend, Wis., a brave man named Franz “Bink” Steinbach, owner of a local tavern, decided to take a classic, delicious beverage — the gin and tonic — and give it one hell of a twist.

Namely, by making it 2,500 gallons in size.

The drink was crafted in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest (and most expensive) gin and tonic. If you’re wondering just how this story relates to anything in the pool and spa industry, here’s your connection: The drink was mixed in a 15-foot-wide, 5,000-gallon swimming pool.

After a solid 10 weeks of planning, Steinbach acquired four tons of ice and 500 gallons of gin, which according to old newspaper clippings was “poured in by the case.” The tonic was dispensed into the pool from a tank truck.

After what we can only assume was an agonizing two-hour wait as the drink was blended, the party began. For a mere $10, guests could enjoy all the G&T they could guzzle from the poolside taps — and take home a souvenir T-shirt, likely so they could remember they attended the event in the first place.

While 1,200 people came to the event, only 300 to 400 gallons of the drink were consumed. Tragically, the rest was pumped out and disposed of.

Our question: Just how much would the bar tab on that be?